Monthly Tarot reading for November 2018

Tarot and Astro for November 2018

This month’s photo was shot on the boxes with olives that we have been collecting, that should have been turned into oil as you read this. Lately we have a lot less time to write spiritual articles but we are spending more and more time with the tasks that are required to carry on a (albeit small) family farm. Altough the fruit did’t come up well this year, we had an amazing hazelnut collection (hazel trees being the ones we have the most of) and we are making and selling delicious hazelnut and chocolate creams from those and incorporating hazelnuts as an ingredient in a variety of recipes, to test their versatility. The olives weren’t bad either!
On top of that, we are still renovating parts of the buildings, keeping the wild wood under control (oaks would love to take over the olives and hazel trees), tending the hens, homeschooling our kids, hosting guests who come either for visit or to help with the work (work exchange) – see … and we are still selling some card readings, too. So, the time left for writing on the blog isn’t a lot. We are living more spiritually, talking less (see our previous post )

From now on, we encourage you to like/keep an eye on our italian facebook page (facebook automatic translation do help to an extent) @casettabennascostanelbosco where we post photos and short ‘behind the scenes’ posts into our country life.

For this month’s reading we used “The Druidcraft Tarot” – to pick the card and to photograph them – but we didn’t write descriptions (as we were too busy with the olives!). The first card is for the first 10 days of the month, the second card represents the central decade of the month and the third card is for the last 10 days in november. You can use the online descriptions from our tarot page on the website as a starting point, but let the pictures in the cards guide you to inspired insights – the following link will pull the same cards as in the photo from our website (note the ‘prince’ is typically called ‘knight’)
An interesting info is that the Ace of Cups also came up for the last part of October… so, whatever kind of mood and feel that has been going on since October 21st till October 31st… will be rather similarly repeating at the end of November. So, if something will feel ‘deja vu’ during the last decade of November, that’s probably why.

Next, a list of a few major astrological events to watch out for in November. This month’s list is short, anyhow; in November there are a lot more daily aspects of the more mutable and subtle moon energy that will shake things up but would be too lengthy to post here as a list. Just remember the days are getting shorter, the cold is coming (or it has already arrived in some places)… don’t drop the ball but take it easy and remember to take care of yourself, this November.

November 5th – Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces
November 6th – Urauns enters Aries
November 7th – New Moon in Scorpio
November 8th – Jupiter enters Sagittarius
November 9th – Venus in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius
November 11th – Sun sestile Pluto
November 15th – Mars in Aquarius sestile Uranus in Aries; later Mars enters Pisces
November 16th – Venus goes Direct; Mercury goes Retrograde
November 19th – Mars in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius
November 22nd – Sun enters Sagittarius; Full Moon in Gemini
November 24th – Neptune goes Direct
November 25th – Sun conjoins Jupiters in Sagittarius
November 26th – Mercury in Sagittarius square Mars in Pisces
November 27th – Sun conjoins Mercury; Mercury conjoins Jupiter (a Sagittarian party)

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