Monthly Tarot reading for August 2018

Tarot and Astro for August 2018

For this month’s reading we used Joanna Powell Colbert’s “Gaian Tarot”. We are still in ‘limited posting’ mode with the summer heat and Jyothi who’s been sick and hospitalized a few times during the month of July for her kidney’s serious condition.

For this month’s reading we send you to our canned descriptions on our website’s free tarot reading app for (the equivalent of) these cards.

Very shortly, for the beginning of the month we pulled the Seven of Water (Cups): famous in traditional tarot as the ‘addiction card’ this symbolizes a state in which we feel confused and unable to choose among the many options and distractions that are available to us. For the central part of the month we pulled the Elder of Fire (King of Wands): a figure of drive and vitality who might get us un-stuck; the card we pulled for the last part of the month is the Exlorer of Water (Page of Cups) which invites us to embrace our emotions.

Notable Astro dates and transits for August 2018:
August 1st : Mars-Uranus square
August 7th : Venus trines Mars
August 7th : Uranus goes retrograde
August 9th: Venus squares Saturn
August 11th : Partial Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Leo
August 18th/19th : Mercury goes direct – wait another week for its influence to be fully over
August 19th : Jupiter trines Neptune
August 20th : Sun trines Moon
August 22nd : Sun enters Virgo
August 24th : Mercury exits its shadow and it’s now ‘fully’ direct
August 25th : Sun grand trine with Uranus and Saturn
August 26th : Full Moon in Pisces
August 26th : Venus-Pluto square
August 27th : Mars goes direct
August 27th : Mercury-Jupiter square

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