Monthly Tarot reading for June 2018

Tarot and Astrological Tips for June 2018

At the beginning of every month we pull three Oracle cards or Tarot cards, for a generalized prediction of the month. We hope you enjoy them!

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For this reading we used Aleister Crowley’s famous, intriguing and somewhat cryptic ‘Thoth’ tarot deck, illustrated by Frida Harris.

This month’s photo was shot on the picnic table on our main deck, behind the house. You can see we set up colorful shades for this summer. Are you planning on visiting us? Check your options at

For the beginning of the month, we pulled the ‘Ten of Wands‘ (Fire): the completion of the Fire element brings great power but with a warning of keeping our roads open, our options flexible and to not fall into rigid dogmatism – else our own power could become our prison. Yes, the task is hard, the burden seems heavy but living consciously and in full awareness is hard work! What did you expect? If you want to change the world, it can’t be so easy… but you have what it takes and things will fall into their place. Keep hope. Astrologically, there are a few events to mention for this period: the month opens with a Venus-Jupiter trine on June 1st, followed by a Venus-Neptune trine on the 2nd – both positive aspects of Venus should manifest as Love in action but then on June 5th Venus will oppose Pluto which might pull you down into dark temptations and doubt. Since on June 5th (6th in Europe) also the Sun will be conjunct with Mercury (both in Gemini) and that both will square Neptune shortly after, it is possible that communication will be dreamy and mis-understood or it might even become manipulative. Let it pass, don’t make irrevocable decisions at this stage in regards to anything important such as relationships or finances. Just let the hangover pass. As in the message from the Tarot card, this is a test from the Universe. Keep breathing.

For the central part of the month we pulled the ‘Eight of Pentacles‘ (Coins/Earth) – this is a card we also pulled for the last part of May (from a very different deck) . What’s interesting in Crowley’s symbolism here in this card is the orderly and balanced way in which the tree is growing: it looks like a well cared for, well pruned tree, where the branches of both sides are in balance and neither side is more prominent than the other. Patience brings rewards, even if tasks are difficult; work that is useful, which is done with the heart and with patience and attention to details makes you feel better… and everybody can see the results and the impact of work carried on with constant care and Love; you can perceive the quality that’s behind that. So, keep going and keep making the world a better, more beautiful place, enriching it with your unique talents. In this period, Mercury will move out of Gemini and into Cancer on June 12th, finally changing to a more compassionate tone of communication than the one of the previous period. Then on the 13th we’ll still have a New Moon in Gemini marking a flirty new start of some sort and on the same day Venus will enter Leo, providing a wave of enthusiasm and strength to tackle what’s next. Beware of the Venus-Uranus square the day after – June 14th – which might create road bumps and unexpected issues to relationships or financial plans. Again, keep patience. On June 18th dreamy Neptune will go retrograde (hence ‘quiet’) until November to provide its yearly period of potentially harsh re-evaluation of where we stand with our lives.

The card we drew for the last part of the month is the ‘Prince of Cups‘ (equivalent to the Knight of Cups/Water in other Tarot decks): as with all court (figure) cards this might represent a person that might appear (or re-appear) in your life or an ideal role model to follow in your behavior in this period – or both i.e. an actual person you meet in this period could become your role model. The Prince is pure and on his quest for Truth; he (or she) is a brave warrior who’s on the fast lane to integrate both the feminine and the masculine aspects of his being, his mind and soul. His drive and code of honor will stop against nothing. He can endure pain and suffering, if that’s what he will have to face on the way to enlightenment, because he follows his heart – but he also enjoys the ride! This card could also just signal the unstoppable start of Summer, a new wave of Love that will make you follow your heart, beginning with Summer’s solstice on June 21st and a seeing a welcome change in attitude due to Mars going retrograde on June 26th which allows us to withdraw our claws, armors and weapons and take a deep look at our own – and other people’s – anger issues, leadership and diplomatic skills (or lack thereof). The climax of this new phase of revelations from the heart will be around the Full Moon on the 28th.

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