Monthly Tarot reading for May 2018

Monthly Tarot reading and Astrological tips for May 2018

At the beginning of every month we pull three Oracle cards or Tarot cards, for a generalized prediction of the month. We hope you enjoy them!

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For this reading we used the ‘Gaian Tarot’ by Joanna Powell Colbert.

This month’s photo was shot in our garden: I was trying to lay the cards next to a bush of flowers and one of our hens walked by and looked very interested; so I seized the moment and captured it for your enjoyment. I just made it to take the cards away as she started trying to ‘drink’ from the three of water 🙂

For the beginning of the month, we pulled the ‘Three of Water‘ (Cups): this is the card that speaks of friendship and of the joy that comes from sharing meaningful moments and endeavors with others. After all, the month starts with the pagan festivity of Beltane (May 1st), which falls in between the Spring equinox and the Summer solstice, and it was considered the best time of the year to plant the seeds for something new. May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) also carries a fertility energy (death and rebirth) amplified and enhanced by an Earth trine between the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Capricorn.Things might get more tense (potentially due to tiredness if we over-did in the social relationships above) on May 7th when Mercury will square Pluto and later Venus will square Neptune: this could indicate manipulative communications, gossip, schemes or deceit being conceived or going on – possibly in the sphere of friendship, too, since we are still talking of the three of cups: its energy of pleasure can easily get out of hand if all these emotions (water) are not controlled by the mind. Later, on May 8th, the Sun will oppose Jupiter (happens once a year) and you might feel the urge or the restlessness to achieve something remarkable. These energies – and later analyzing how you’ve responded to them – will enable you to digest and integrate the interactions you’ve had with other people and finally process the associated emotions. The advise here is to keep honoring your soul’s path and don’t fall prey to shiny illusions; you don’t have to have it all figured out or run after standard ideas of ‘success’ (in whatever field) – a positive attitude is your most important asset and being content is the key to happiness.

For the central part of the month we pulled the ‘Ace of Fire‘ (Wands) which symbolizes something new getting born (a new project, a new passion) and of the infinite possibilities that every new beginning carries within; of full potential still unrealized (the traditional ‘ace of wands’ is a magic wand); of power that is latent but not yet expressed. Possibly a continuation of the previous part of the month, you are filled with energy and creative impulses and/or the seeds planted in the previous decade are starting to grow; the eggs have hatched and you can now come out of your shell and experience the world again (in the light of new awareness you have gained) like it was the first time. May 11th features a trine between Sun and Pluto which could help with these manifestations.Then some turbolence might challenge all this potential, starting May 13th (mother’s day) with a Mercury conjunct Uranus (in Aries) which could awake a pinch of nervousness but that should be short-lived as Mercury will switch into Taurus shortly after. May 15th is a New Moon – also in Taurus – and it also marks what I have read some other astrologers define as ‘the most important astrological event of the year’: the entrance of Uranus in Taurus. Uranus changes sign every 7 years, and its last passage in Taurus was in 1935-1942: we all know what that brought. While a world war is probably not in store this time around, what will happen in the next seven years deserves close watching and it might involve the environment, climate changes, extreme weather, market crashes and other systemic instabilities. On May 16th Mars will enter Aquarius, where it will stay for about six months, going back and forth due to retrograde phases, and squaring Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) three times – the first time being, right away, May 16th. Expect shocks, surprises, instability on such a day. After all potential might be strong but it will still need patience and time to bear full outcomes. There are also some positive/useful aspects in store to help you navigate this period: Mercury will trine Saturn on May 18th (communication abilities will be sharpened) and on May 19th Venus will enter the caring and comforting sign of Cancer.

The card we drew for the last part of the month is the ‘Eight of Earth‘ (Pentacles) which reminds us that skill is developed with patience, not being in a rush nor being lazy! Easier said than done when the Sun is in jumpy Gemini starting on May 20th and with Mercury opposing Jupiter on May 23rd: be careful with what you say on that day, as this is one of those combinations when your mouth will be tempted to go down the war path, but things might need more diplomacy and – above all – patience, or they might fall apart. Patience is really the keyword for this card and this period, and May 25th will bring a trine between Jupiter and Neptune, filled with compassion and understanding. Just make sure that your expectations are not too idealistic and that you get grounded to bring things back in perspective. May 26th sees Venus opposing Saturn which could indicate lessons about love, self-esteem and self-worth are coming. Focus on your higher goals, recall the strength of your teachers, find new teachers or realize we are all teachers to each other, in some way, because by our actions we continuously give out an example to the world – whether it is a positive example or not it’s up to us! The Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29th is a great time to complete projects (or phases) and finally tackle tasks and finishing touches that had been postponed earlier: they might seem like a lot of work but it is precisely when you dedicate your full concentration and patience to something that you shine your light and you bring beauty and Love to the world.

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