Monthly Tarot reading for March 2018

Monthly Tarot reading and astrological tips for March 2018

At the beginning of every month we pull three Oracle cards or Tarot cards, for a generalized prediction of the month. We hope you enjoy them!

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For this reading we used the ‘Vision Quest’ Tarot by Gayan Sylvie Winter and Jo Dose’ which is inspired by Native American art, spirituality and culture.

This month’s photo was shot in our wood-chopping area. Preparing wood for the stoves is something that keeps us quite busy in the winter months – and keeps us warm, both while chopping it and while burning it (the latter is better, though).

For the beginning of the month, we pulled the Five of Earth (Coins). The label for this card on this particular deck is ‘Insecurity’ but it really speaks of the process of dissolution and re-forming (what the Alchemists were calling ‘solve et coagula’): in Nature life has to end, perish, rot – so that its organic material can be de-composed and its atoms recombined and it can feed other forms of life (animals or plants). Likewise, parts of us have to die. Our ego (or parts of it) often die, one by one, peeled like onion’s layers, as we venture on our spiritual quest. Things need to reach the bottom, demons need to be faced and tamed, before you can climb up from your pit (real or projected). An urgency must be perceived in order to radically change something that has reached its conclusion. Things need to be shaken. There will be pushiness in the air, a sense of restlessness and the stimulations will be such that you have to respond to this energy one way or the other; but you won’t be able to ignore it. This is one of those moments when things have been quiet for too long but they need to surface now. External circumstances could be re-arranging around you. Don’t get lazy, afflicted or bored; embrace the changes that life faces you with. Astrologically, a lot of events will take place in this 10-days period: starting the month, March 1st opens with a Full Moon in Virgo (which coincides with the culmination of the current cycle and what we have put in motion in the last couple of weeks), followed by changes such as Sun conjunct with Neptune, Mercury conjunct with Venus, Mercury conjunct with Chiron and Venus also conjunct Chiron – all happening on March 4th – sure to create some interesting growth dynamics in every situation (if you can handle the emotional storm that will undoubtedly come with it). If that wasn’t enough, things get hotter on the 5th and 6th when Mercury and then Venus, respectively, enter Aries. Finally, on March 8th Jupiter will go retrograde signaling the need to turn inwards.

For the central part of the month we pulled the Four of Fire (Wands). It reads ‘Completion’. It’s a card that marks a milestone, a crossroad or also a moment when you can pause – for a moment – from the race, sit back and analyze yourself and your current stage of life. Who are you? Are you ok with it, do you feel good about yourself – what you are or how and where you would like to be? What fuels your fire? How do you keep it going even in the darkest hours? Notice in this period we have a New Moon on March 17th which always calls for introspection. This one is in Pisces – so expect dreams and visions. Or just rest, especially if you are tired after the daylight saving time goes on (in the US) on March 11th, which is also the day of the only Trine between Mars and Uranus that will happen this year! It sounds like this could bring an epic fight, if not in the physical world, at least at the soul level. The good news is that you can handle it. March 20th marks the end of piscean season as the Sun moves into Aries (in the morning for US, evening in Europe). It is also the Spring Equinox, Ostara, one of the two moments of the year when day and night are equally long. A day to re-balance energies and possibly also to check your balances / finances.

The card we drew for the last part of the month is a Major Arcana, ‘Grand Father‘ (related to ‘The Emperor’ of traditional Tarot). This card tells you to recall the strength of your ancestors, of your grandfather or father, or even to become the example of the father figure you maybe never had! Raise, and provide shelter and protection to your own inner child! Step up! Realize and show your might! “Knowledge leads to unity, but ignorance to diversity. So long as God seems to be outside and far away, there is ignorance. But when God is realized within, that is true knowledge.” – Ramakrishna. March 22nd also marks the beginning of Mercury Retrograde, a phase typically calling you to pause, reflect, re-evaluate, finish up things that are already in progress, deal with the occasional technological hiccup but do not attempt to start new things at this stage. Continuing the month, we have a Sun square Mars on the 24th – just before Palm Sunday (which is the 25th) – that could create some unpleasant tension: as the moon is now growing again, your intentions count, so keep them positive. We end up the month with a mighty Full Moon in Libra on March 31st.

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