Monthly Tarot reading for February 2018

Monthly Tarot reading and astrological tips for February 2018

At the beginning of every month we pull three Oracle cards or Tarot cards, for a generalized prediction of the month. We hope you enjoy them!

Let us know if these readings resonate with you!
We’d like to hear your stories!

For this reading we used the ‘Pagan Cats Tarot’ produced by Lo Scarabeo.

This month’s photo was shot with the ‘cat cards’ laid upon… our oldest cat who kindly accepted to go viral for this month. Don’t worry: no animal has been harmed during the shooting for this card reading 🙂

For the beginning of the month, which begins right after Jan 31st’s super powerful Full Moon, we pulled the ‘Four of Swords‘: the invite is to now rest, go to sleep, almost hibernate. It could indicate a very cold beginning of February, poor health condition or just a general invite to take it super easy in this period. Take extra Vitamin C and stay warm! Don’t over-do! This is especially true for the very first days of the month; the Trine between the Aquarius Sun and Libra Moon of (in Europe) the night of Sunday 4th will start easing things up and even more so as on Feb 10th Venus moves into Pisces and provides new pink spectacles to our inner and outer sight and as springtime draws closer we’ll start seeing Love everywhere. This is also a great time to order a “Love and Relationships card reading” which we have on 50% offer till Feb 14th (Valentine’s day) [Go to and use coupon code ILOVEYOU before checkout to get the 50% discount applied to your order.]

For the central part of the month we pulled the ‘Seven of Wands‘ which talks about difficulties, attacks or unexpected issues. It is entirely possible that these are more fantasies than real issues or that, to an extent, you might be perceiving them as and making them bigger than they are. You might just be tired if you have pushed your limits (maybe you didn’t rest enough in the first part of the month?), circumstances which have now clouded your vision – this is the period of Carnival (Mardi Gras) and Valentine’s Day and we also have a New Moon (a partial Solar Eclipse) on the 15th – a lot going on! This is not a good time to make decisions. The Sun will enter Pisces on the 18th and it will inspire you to search for calmer waters.

The card we drew for the last part of the month is the ‘King of Swords‘ – a card which keeps popping up (it also concluded our last December reading!) – and this time it might refer to the approach you should take in order to tackle the previous period’s difficulties, to bring them back to their real sizes and proportions by the use of logic, reason. This time and mood might ask you to come up with a solid plan now and not procrastinate – just be realistic and make sure you account for Jupiter going retrograde on March 8th (till June 9th) as it might indicate that for the next three months you’ll get what you need; not necessarily what you want.

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