Every human being must have aspirations to something more elevated than his or her physical desires.
Deep down you know what you really need and what you want or got used to having because it’s normal nowadays – and yet still superflous.
Something that feels right are experiences, especially if shared with the people we love; not things.
You know what makes you act out of Love and contributes to a better world and you also know the grunt work you might end up doing to get a salary – and you know how those different (opposed?) energies feel like.
They will tell you they can be balanced but, nonetheless, you know you would follow the former with Joy and the latter out of Fear.
What do you choose?

#FullMoon PS – Remember to embrace Love with the upcoming Full Moon in Leo of January 31st – this is a super-powerful moon that might mark a final cut with some painful past and the beginning of a new way to live your life. Make sure your priorities and intentions are correct and just; take it super easy on Wednesday and get centered; meditate; eat light and seek quiet not entertainment; visualize your dreams and keep your intentions at all-high.

PS – The photo was shot in the St.Paul’s Basilica in Rome.