Are you working on your miracle, on manifesting your soul’s desire, in concert with the Universe? If you have not seen progress or signs that you could notice: have patience, for things don’t happen over night. Just look at how Nature does: with us at the Sanctuary of Joy, most trees and plants are starting to show buds and beginnings of flowers; the days are getting longer; the moon is growing. And yet it’s still winter: the nights are still cold. One day at the time, surely but steadily and before we know it, Spring will be here.

The same is with your true desire. If it’s really your true soul’s desire, if you wish it with all of your intensity, if you are willing to see the learning even in the occasional wrong turns you’ll take along the path and you are not afraid of taking the actions you are inspired to take, eventually what you wish will manifest itself for you.
Don’t give up.

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