New Moon January 16th 2018

New Moon January 16th 2018 – Start something

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Capricorn, on Tuesday at 6:17 PM PST (UTC: 2:17 AM on wednesday), is a powerful one.
It’s a great time to set important projects in motion and you’ll see the rhythm accelerating already as from Wednesday and throughout the rest of the month (moon will be full again on Jan 31st).

One important thing you might want to start doing is to feel empowered, capable and supported; taking responsibility; strong; not inferior to anyone; not a victim.
There is also a great article about this New Moon by Anandashree Astrology that you might want to check out as it points to this aspect:
“[…] There is a tremendous power to transform unneeded patterns of victimization and self-negation during this lunar cycle. […]”

A couple of other things you might consider starting would be healing your family and plan your trip to Italy to retreat with us at the Sanctuary of Joy – read more on 🙂

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