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Oracle cards reading for the weekend January 13th-14th 2018

We picked some cards for you, for this weekend (January 13th-14th 2018)!
As usual, the interpretations you can read below are our own (not verbatim from the deck’s booklets).

Note: The photo shows the cards laid behind a few eggs from our hens. The poor girls have been changing their feathers during the october-december period and they have only recently started laying eggs again! Did you know hens don’t lay eggs when they are changing their feathers? Pretty sure at the supermarket they won’t tell you that.

Here are the cards we picked:

A) “Peace Offering – White Buffalo Calf Woman” from the “Ascended Masters Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue refers to a prophetess who appeared to the Lakota Native Americans bringing a peace pipe and promising that when she would return she would bring Unity and Peace to Earth. The card tells you it’s time to forgive some wrong and to accept an apology and restore peace.

B) “Gratitude and Appreciation” from the “Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards” by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall tells you that it is important to be grateful for all the small good things that happen to you. If you see a rainbow, recognize it is a blessing. When around those you love, tell them that you love them. The more you start focusing on the positives and you start recognizing all the things you can be grateful for, the more you attract other good things in your life.

C) From the deck “Loving words from Jesus” by Doreen Virtue and Greg Olsen we pulled the card that quotes Matthew‘s gospel (17:20), which says (American Std. Bible): “[…] if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.”. Often we don’t feel we have a lot of faith – but even just a little bit does miracles. As you focus on having faith and trusting the universe, that you have what it takes, doubts dissipate and you feel that you could indeed move mountains.

D) “Lizard (Tuatara)” from the “The secret language of Animals Oracle Cards” by Chip Richards shows an ancient lizard which lives in New Zealand and it’s the last suriving species of a family of reptiles that lived alongside the Dinosaurs. It is also a very peculiar animal since it has an actual ‘third eye’. This in an invite to connect to the wisdom of your ancestors, to tap into their knowledge and strength: they had to pass a lot of tests and they would know what to do. Ask them for help and remember that their life force now runs through you: “I am the Lizard king, I can do anything”, Jim Morrison was saying.

We hope this reading was useful and inspirational for you – let us know!

Have a blessed day,
Jyothi & Daniele

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