Loving is not an option. It is a necessity.

Loving is not an option. It is a necessity.

Love is needed: our soul needs it and, without it, our body gets sick.
Yet a lot of people have been so badly hurt in the past (childhood, past traumatic experiences, past relationships) that keep their gates to love shut and they are afraid of sentimental entanglement. They are afraid to receive and they stop giving. They get busy with their minds, they close their hearts and live restlessly seeking temporary distractions and entertainment. They run away from what could give them joy and spiritual growth, because there is also hard work to be done to get those. But without doing what seems hard work you don’t get the rewards either.

If someone you know is closing up that way and is pushing you back, stay close to them and don’t deny them love but don’t force them either. Set clear boundaries and expectations but allow Love to flow; don’t shut the door on your side, too! These people are aching inside but ultimately it’s their choice to make, their life and their Karma.

Let’s all pray they can see the truth and open up their hearts.

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