Better days are coming

Better days are coming

Today (Dec 21st) is the winter solstice: the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The (now growing) Moon is transiting into the idealist Aquarius sign.

Tomorrow (Dec 22nd) will be the last day of the Mercury Retrograde phase and as from the 23rd it wil go direct again. Mercury Retrograde periods have been famous for mis-communications and technology failures and this particular one has kept its reputation up: for example, with the copious rain, we had to deal with a few floods and we also had failures of our solar system due to the cold; on top of that we’ve dealt with a lot of fire energy from other people in the past weeks. Nevertheless, these periods put you to the test but it’s up to you to turn the situation around and see the chance to find mitigations and countermeasures for the issues you are facing, and improve.

The days will be getting longer, slowly but surely.
From now on, it’s time to recollect and reorganize the learnings you’ve had and plan and implement actions that align with the new awareness you’ve gained.
It won’t always be a smooth trip, of course, but the road’s conditions are – generally speaking – going to improve as the new year unfolds. Stay focused on what you really want and on what makes you the best possible version of you – and drive from that perspective.

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For now, we wish everyone a cozy Christmas period!

PS – the picture is shot in the surroundings of the Etruscan Pyramid, which we talked about in this previous post.

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