Beware: this expression – like many other ones – gets abused a lot.

Getting out of your comfort zone does not mean pushing your limits at work or in any other competitive context; it might instead mean following your heart even if what it tells you defies logic and even if sounds ‘crazy’ to those around you who are quick to judge.

Getting out of your comfort zone means taking responsibility for your life’s direction, rather than lazily delegating your choices to others (society, the current or the past government) and then blaming them.

Getting out of your comfort zone means not waiting until you have everything you think you need lined up and perfect before you choose to marry, have kids, change job or do what you would really like to do; it means not refraining just because it’s not what others expect or advise you to do – or because you are afraid.

Getting out of your comfort zone means taking charge of your life.

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