Your mind is the creator of this world

Your mind is the creator of this world

The choice to be happy is always there. Anyhow, it does not involve waiting for the world to change, it doesn’t depend on acquiring external ‘things’, but it does instead require a change in the way you think and act: “Be the change you wish to see in this world” said Ghandi.

First and foremost, you need to break free of fear if you want to learn to see more positives and to start finding reasons to be happy even in events that might have previously brought you down.

Love has much more to do with being of service to others than with fulfilling your desires – much different than what society tells you these days. Service is both a mean and an end: by lovingly being of service to others, you free your mind and enter a meditative state that brings about serenity; it doesn’t just help the receiver of your attention – it also helps you.

Learning to love even your pains, scars and sacrifices is not done overnight; it’s a process.
It starts by fortifying your mind by cleansing it of all the crap it has absorbed from society, education, media, peer culture, etc – all these affect your unconscious thoughts and behaviors more often and more profoundly than you would like to acknowledge – and it will require a lot of work to re-evaluate the many impressions and suppressed emotions of years so that they can be re-integrated. You need to get over the cheap over-simplification of human life that the ‘dominant’ culture of consumerism shows you. The change and the solution should be searched within, working on the way such a culture unconsciously affects you – whether you consciously consider yourself its fan or its most vocal opponent.

This process often demands that you change your rhythms and that you turn at least part of your life, diet or habits around in order to get back to a balance between your conscious and unconscious mind, to find a healthy living routine that enables you to flow through life’s challenges and see everything more holistically.

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