I choose Love

I choose Love

Love is hoping for the best, not worrying for other people’ situations that are not your own and – even if you care for them and would like to ‘protect’ them – not projecting your own fears onto their situations but rather hope for and visualize their success;

Love is sincerely admiring others without being jealous of what they have – even if you don’t have the same and you get to think you would deserve their place;

Love is having enough respect for yourself to not act like a victim but see yourself coming victorious out of any situation;

for the same reason, Love is also not having to put up with other people when they act like victims and definitely not run to their rescue, but rather ignore them – they might scream and shout, but it’s best for them;

Love is not a thrashcan for your emotional crap nor is it an escape or safety route allowing you to ignore your own issues and dumping them on someone else;

Love is courage, commitment and constant choice;

Love is hope;

Love is patience;

Love is focus (hence it doesn’t need distractions).

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