No one can be told what the Matrix is

No one can be told what the Matrix is; you have to see it for yourself

150 years ago, on September 11th 1867, the first edition of Karl Marx’s book ‘Capital: Critique of Political Economy’ was jush finished printing and went on sale.
A century and a half later it is one of the most translated, sold and studied books in human history. Its influence has been huge.

But often theory falls short, for human beings, until they see practical consequences happening in the real world. By now, we think that nobody can pretend not to see the effects of capitalism, both from the perspective of the economy and worker’s conditions as well from an environmental damage perspective.

Many people still choose to ignore these consequences and cover their heads in the sand; but many other people are also waking up and they are starting to do things differently in their own lives.

This is a very different kind of revolution starting to happen: one that has to happen with your wallets – when buying or not buying something, considering its impact – and by choosing to be compassionate and caring with yourself, with others, with nature, by keeping our own needs and desires in check resisting the seduction of commercials and trends and by thinking of the bigger picture.

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