Call to Earth

Call to Earth

Summer is reaching its end (although, as we write this, it is still pretty hot) and the first good hazelnuts are starting to be ready and fall from the trees (in the photo a bunch that we tested out).

During the September/October/November period we need help with a few different things that need to happen at the Sanctuary, including but not limited to:

– collecting hazel nuts
– pruning the hazel trees
– collecting olives
– pruning the olive trees
– building a Yurt

If you are interested in spending some time with us during this timeframe (even just a week or two) in exchange for some help with the work above, please check the ‘stay with us’ page and contact us for more information and to arrange your stay!

This is also a good time of the year when we can take you to visit the surroundings while the weather is still good but the heat is not overwhelming anymore. You’ll have a chance to live in contact with nature, exchange experiences and explore beautiful nature and old Etruscan ruins, (for example those we wrote about in some earlier posts).
Moreover, in the village we live in, the ‘Sagra delle Castagne‘ (chestnuts fair) takes place on October. This unique fair is the event of the year, when the whole village revives a medieval atmosphere and tone.

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