Are you making peace with the ghosts from your past?

Are you making peace with the ghosts from your past?

A limitation of ‘standard’ psychoanalysis is that it stops analyzing events starting back at one’s childhood.
Anyhow, whether you believe in previous lives and reincarnation (or not), past-life regression actually works. It doesn’t even matter if you believe it: whether the memories of stories that come up in a past-life regression are from an actual past life, whether they come from a dream, a vision, or even just a story that your mind makes up by piecing images from other stories together, that memory alone can have a cathartic effect and cleanse you of the emotions associated with a given story/situation and actually help you move forward in your present life!

Ancient Greek culture knew this very well: back then, theater and myth played a major role as mass therapy; even today’s stories often pick from the multitude of human situations and interactions that are described in old myths, adjusting them and proposing them in ‘modern’ versions – precisely because, by doing this way, these stories will more profoundly resonate with the audience. It is a well-known writer’s trick.

For this reason, well-crafted stories can have healing qualities in and by themselves, and stories that you are exposed to can help you make sense of your own life.

Unfortunately, these days, finding good stories is harder than in the old days; today most acting does not happen in ‘inspired’ theaters but it is done for the television. It also runs on scripts that are often subdued to market’s needs – hence, while your favorite TV series might even have a cathartic effect to some extent, it differs from Greek theater in that it also tends to pump you full of the very stereotypes society wants you to believe in but that you should rather try to get clear of. Good quality, independent movies are usually better – but you still have to watch out who the producers are, as they tend to have the last work in terms of where and how the story would go, evolve and end – simply because they hold the money – and they will often convince even good-willing directors to make compromises and twist their plot to some extent.
Good books are even better and reading in general is better than consuming videos, because you control the pace and rhythm at which you consume the text hence the story itself, allowing yourself time to digest the information at the right speed for you.

Stories sometimes come to you like when, a couple of years ago, I was walking in my favorite bookstore and, from a specific shelve (which I had never noticed before although I had been in that shop a lot of times), a book just spontaneously fell to the ground in front of my feet. It was a biography of someone I didn’t know but there was something inside that kept telling me I should read it. So I bought the book and, by reading it, I experienced a continuous sense of ‘deja vu’, many strange coincidences and details I somehow already knew and I got faced with so many of my own ghosts that I started believing I actually had been that person in the story, in my previous lifetime. Whether this is true or not doesn’t really matter: what matters is that it was the right book at the right time and it helped immensely to take inventory of my own life and my life choices and it started a healing process for many buried pains, hurts and fears that I had stored and hidden deep within myself – and I was not yet dealing with.

Stories are not just entertainment: they are our soul’s food and source of understanding and relating to the world. If you want to ‘write’ a better story for your life, you need to accept and to release those bad stories that caused hurt (whether in this life or a previous one) and that are still buried within you; you also need to start focusing on and to consuming new, empowering, good stories.

PS – The place in the photo is the so called ‘Etruscan Pyramid’. If I didn’t tell you it was in Italy, it would likely make you think of a Mayan construction; it is located in the middle of a forest close to Bomarzo (5 minutes by car from where we live). The ‘Pyramid’ is a very ancient volcanic rock with 26 steps and two floors carved directly into the stone by humans, probably used an altar to keep the dark gods friendly – but this is just one theory based on the fact that the stone and the top altar/floor is facing north-west (which was apparently the direction to the world of death and darkness for the Etruscans). Some other archaeologists think that this impressive construction might even be pre-dating the Etruscans and be as old as the Copper Age. It might have been used to observe the stars from a higher position above the tree-tops. It might have been a place from which speeches were kept. So many possible stories but we don’t know which one(s). Albeit the top of the ‘pyramid’ had been seen by local people before, they had never given it much importance and this breath-taking piece of ancient architecture stayed lost and forgotten in the forest for thousands of years as it was completely covered up by vegetation; it was only discovered and brought to the attention of archaeologists in the ’90s. It wasn’t until 2008 that it was freed from the plants that were covering it up, due to the voluntary work and the initiative of one dedicated Bomarzo citizen. Very little research has been done so far on this site, and the existence of the Pyramid is still quite unknown even to most Italians and doesn’t appear on most tourist’s guides. Yet, it has so many stories from the past to tell.

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