A transformative Full Moon - What are you asking to become?

A transformative Full Moon – What are you asking to become?

Tonight we have a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius; I am not writing about the astrological details – you can refer to the great post by Henry Seltzer https://www.astrograph.com/horoscopes/configurations/2017/August/07

The bottom line I get about this full moon (like every full moon, actually, but with a stronger intention intensity, this time) is that it is transformational. It represents the affirmation of our new persona’s, matured over the last period of time. Stay on the chosen path, don’t get distracted, keep going. Stay vigilant, stay awake. If you have worked on yourself, that’s really all there is to know. But if you haven’t, the moon’s energy might be making you feel uneasy and subject to a random destiny.

What have you been working on, when it comes to your self-development? What kind of person are you becoming?
Are you turning into the more joyful, fun, cool version of yourself – or are you giving up and turning bitter because the world is all so fucked up? The choice is yours. Yes, the world is largely a fuck-up. But this doesn’t prevent you from changing yourself into what you would like to be, rather than turning into what ‘the rest’ wants you to be out of fear, because of their (perceived) limitations. Whether they’ll follow you or call you nuts – it doesn’t matter and you can’t do anything about that anyway.

Human society is largely transforming into one that is similar to insect’s societies, especially to those who live in colonies. This is not a new idea: William Burroughs already hinted to it half a century ago.
To put it simpler, let’s look at an example: ants are defined by their job/task/role (worker/warrior/queen/etc), they work for the system, follow their programming and don’t ever attempt to raise themselves up or go on strike nor have an artistic outlet to affirm their individuality. They have no families: kids are raised collectively.
Human schools, careers and relationships are becoming the same: people are raised to learn one thing (supposedly very well, but losing the ‘big picture’), do just one job where they work too hard for higher corporate goals they don’t even completely understand, have kids which they don’t spend time with (because they work too hard), let them be raised by media, commercials, corporations and corporation-influenced school systems, often they don’t manage to keep it all together and give up too easily – skyrocketing divorce rates together with all sort of ‘open’ and ‘poly’ arrangements seem to point to that.
School systems segment the ‘performers’ from the rest in a competition that starts at an early age and prepare robots pumped full with all sort of information but lacking the life experience and wisdom that comes from having had time to digest it while applying that information; companies let them perform childish tricks in the name of business, not ethic. When people have become old and wise enough, then they get kicked out or – in some cases – they quit themselves. But in most, they wait fearfully till they get kicked out and, in the meantime, they keep racing on the hamster ball, where they often also ruin their health or their relationships (or both).

But we are not doomed: let’s revert the trend!
Work less for your bosses and more for yourself. Work ON yourself. Work on your relationships, on your offspring, on your family, on your overall wellness and joy. Learn together and teach to one other. Work together on the hardships and don’t run away to another’s comforting zone when things get tough. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Don’t snap, don’t take things personally, it’s not your partner’s fault in most cases, those trivial things aren’t really that important if you put them in perspective – those can’t be/they are not strong enough reasons for pulling couples apart! Realize it’s largely stress from a society that is an ant’s race!
With the above always clear, face the issues that do exist, analyze them, bring them to the right proportion, tackle them together and, when peace is restored, share the smiles! Create, sing and laugh, be joyful because you can – you have been so you can be again!

PS – Other kinds of insects, on the other end, behave very differently and they are largely individualistic: the Mantis in the photo was walking around and exploring Sara’s dolls house (the red ‘thing’ is a doll’s table) and she did not mind posing for a few pictures (in retrospective, I think she must have hated the flash, for which I apologize). Mantises have that ‘femme fatale’ attitude, after all.
But Mantises also represent patience: ‘Why stressing and running after a chosen prey when you can wait for the right one to just come to you?’ is their hunting technique. It is precisely when you stop worrying about the future, start living in the present and learn to seize the moment that things start to change and turn better on many levels.
On the other end, Mantises are also known to practice sexual cannibalism ( = the female killing and eating the male after their copulation), but from some studies this seems to happen only to lower-quality males whose copulation time had been too short! Just a reminder that, even for humans, big boys should really put their effort to please their ladies and take them to great heights. Human ladies might not kill you and cook you for dinner, but they deserve to be given pleasure like the goddesses they are and they should demand it from their partners. If they don’t get hints, just talk clearly.

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