As an awakened human

8 behaviors of awakened humans

We found that the following are things that, as an awakened human being, you would naturally start doing. We collected them for you in the form of affirmations. What else do you think belongs in the list? What else do you do – or do differently?

I support other humans

Supporting other human does not mean going over your limits and always say yes! Respect yourself enough to say no to situations that will harm or drain you. It means that when you see situations you admire, instead of trying to find faults in them, see how you can change your life story in that direction; see them as an example and be inspired by the hard work of others.

I keep my ego in check

Your ego is a like a small child that needs to be guided by your higher self, sometimes small children want things that will hurt them, and then as a parent you have to say no. At times it is hard because you would love to spoil your child, and the message from society is that you are a bad parent if you do not spoil your child. With the ego it can be the same: sometimes it makes you want things that your higher self knows will be bad for you and your ego will still try to convince you otherwise, sometimes! Understand that the ego is also influenced by the circumstances outside of you: it is harder to stay centered when there are a lot of outside stimuli. Take time to retreat and to reflect.

I respect myself and others

Respecting yourself is done on many levels. It means respecting the limits of your body and mind, taking time to retreat from busy places to get back in touch with nature, your own thoughts and feelings. You respect your body by taking care of it, keeping it healthy by eating healthy food, drinking fresh water and doing physical activity in a way that suits you best (walks in nature are very healing). Respecting yourself means saying no sometimes to requests from other people: you can not save the whole world by giving yourself away completely; you can help some people by being an example of how you feel that life should be and by respecting yourself.

I take responsibility

By taking responsibility you own your thoughts and actions and you become aware of their consequences. You learn to speak and act with more care and not hurting others. You become accountable and dependable. You acknowledge your mistakes, you apologize and you work to improve. You become an example to follow.

I live authentically

Focus your life’s choices and actions to what really matters. Who cares of the latest telephone, the latest car, that television show, those lipsticks and shoes, who won or lost the world’s cup of soccer, and every other distraction from society that will not bring lasting happiness and in fact stands in the way of your complete awakening and ascension process. Use your time for the people you love, to do meaningful things, to re-discover simple pleasure such as making bread or cooking good, genuine food.

I walk my talk

Life gives us lessons and it is important that, after we have understood a lesson, we implement it in our daily lives. It can be the simple practical things such as using your car less often, find alternative sources for our electrical needs, buy good quality food.
Keep your promises, do as you say, be an example of integrity and respect, don’t expect others to fix the problems you see in the world but do the (even small) things that you can do to improve the situation. Start now!

I have compassion

While on the path to being awakened you come to realize that every human/person has a different story than you, we should not be influenced by their ideas of how we should be, but rather understand that their view of the world is limited, by their own experience, only to what they have seen and lived through. Forgive them, move on and keep shining your light.

I listen

To really listen, you have to go beyond the words that are being spoken: you feel it when people say one thing but mean something else. Listen to your intuition while listening to another’s words. But wait: don’t try to ‘fix’ others with your detailed solutions (which they might not be ready for)! Just have the patience to discern what they are really trying to say and, when they have really opened up and emptied their bucket, you can then gently hint at ways to see things from different angles – without imposing your own vision but allowing them freedom to see and grow at their own pace.

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