To see clearly is poetry, prophecy and religion, all in one

To see clearly is poetry, prophecy and religion, all in one

Some weeks ago I dreamed that we’d wake up one day, and we’d find that the sea had arrived close by our house. What was once a hill (we are living at 600 meters of altitude) was now an island, and all the valley underneath had been covered/flooded.
There was sand on the shores, where now there is a forest.
In the dream most ‘connected’ technology (phones, Internet, radio) had stopped functioning and – even without news – we inferred that we (and everybody living above 600 mt) were probably the only survivors of a flood, likely caused by the polar ice having melted due to global warming or some roaming nuclear weapon out there.

This dream happened before the Italian news started spreading panic about the impending drought – nevertheless, there isn’t enough rain and the temperatures are very hot; local administrations issue warning about not wasting water; many crops are suffering or are already lost.

We do what we can: for example, we reuse our ‘grey’ waters from showers (we use only bio-degradable soaps) for irrigation, too. So it serves us to wash ourselves, first, and to water the plants afterwards.
We also use a composting toilet so we don’t waste water for flushing it either, and our solid waste becomes nutrition for mother earth as well. Did you realize, every time you flush the toilet, you are wasting 7-10 liters of drinkable water?
With these tricks above, we end up consuming a lot less than what the water company expects, and we think we are ‘good’ people, and then we have to hear them complain that we’ll make them go bankrupt! Interesting that these are the same people who – at the same time – complain there isn’t enough water to distribute to everyone… I guess they should make up their minds: do they want more water or more money?
That’s their trade-off, and the bottom line.

July 13th is also the day of the Lady of Fatima’s apparition and it was a festivity of Greek goddess Demeter, earlier on.
This is a day of prayer for healing the Earth.
Please join us in meditation and pray that the hearts and minds of those who do not see might be awakened, that we might all learn to nurture – not to destroy – our environment.

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