Monthly Tarot reading for July 2017

Monthly Tarot reading for July 2017

This month’s photo was shot inside of Sanctuary of Joy’s new workshop which is also the place where Daniele creates ‘Plank Guitars’: musical instruments made with Love with reclaimed materials (old wooden floors, broken furniture, cookie tins, cigar boxes, etc) and using green electricity from solar panels.
The most simple instruments made here, the Canjo’s, can be played by absolutely anyone even if they have never approached playing music before – and even if they are scared of it. Guaranteed.
Like last summer, later this month, yours truly Jyothi and Daniele (and kids) from the Sanctuary of Joy will be heading to the WAO Festival where we’ll be selling guitars, reading cards and having fun!

The Tarot deck we used in this setting is the ‘Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards’, from the ‘Church of Light’. This deck was initially designed in 1936. Pretty esoteric, huh? It looks like it was later re-designed (in 2009) and these days they sell a full-colored version of this Tarot deck, but Jyothi has had this old copy for many years. Card descriptions and interpretations are, as usual, our own anyways.

For the beginning of the month we pulled the ‘Knight of Wands‘: full speed ahead, on that horse! The energy of this knight is one full of passion, drive and high values: he’s a spiritual example, someone who will not be afraid to take on hard work and push his fire-y energy through difficulties and obstacles, if the cause is right. As with all ‘court’ cards, this might represent a person that you can look up to as an example, or even yourself, working to identify with this card’s values and emulate the knight’s behavior.
Incidentally, with the Full Moon of July (which falls on July 9th), the Hindus and Buddhists celebrate ‘Guru Purnima’, which is a festival to express gratitude to our spiritual and academic teachers.

For the central part of the month we pulled the ‘Four of Swords‘. This is a card that speaks of rest, of taking a pause. Whether you want it or not, there are times when all of your energy is exhausted and you just have to surrender to it and stop pushing yourself: take good care of yourself, sleep plenty, take a summer break. Maybe it’s just the summer heat that’s bothering you, maybe some other event in your life – whatever it is, it’s time to stand still for a while and allow yourself to re-group.
July 13th is the feast of our Lady of Fatima in Portugal but also the ancient festival of the Greek goddess Demeter: a day of prayer for healing the Earth.

The card we drew for the last part of the month is Major Arcana number 20, called ‘Judgement‘ in traditional Tarot decks, ‘the Sarcophagus’ in this particular deck, but it is also named ‘Rebirth‘ or ‘Awakening‘ in some other, more modern, interpretations. In fact, this card symbolizes renewal and rebirth, a fresh start, a new beginning or a reconciliation. This card also speaks of hope and of waking up from the darkness, the end of a repression or a difficult period. We’ll have a New Moon on July 23rd, likely being the climax of this ‘new’ phase. Awake!

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