What would you like to be remembered for, after you pass away?
Is it for your forgettable work achievement, is it for how spotless your kitchen was? Is it for those sport trophy’s you won?
Is it for the obligations you dealt with, letting the days slip by, always postponing the time for you and to live in the present moment?
Do you know how beautiful you are when you let love drive you and you act spontaneously? Or have you forgotten?
Live a full life – start now – because you won’t get this one back. The record only plays forward.
So, stop doing what is meaningless and start doing what you love. In the process: Help others. Take risks. Have courage. Have fun.
Be honest. Be brave. Follow your ideals. Walk your talk. Be kind but please stop taking crap from others, especially when they are unaware, repeating out loud the voice of the conditioning they have received.
Do your thing. Do it well.
Do it with Love.