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Oracle cards reading for weekend May 27th-28th 2017

After an intense new moon, we picked some cards for you! As usual, the interpretations you can read below are our own (not verbatim from the deck’s booklets).

Note: The photo was shot in our hen house, which we recently built. We wrote about it earlier in our previous post – but we didn’t mention there is also a rabbit (our daughter really wanted one) keeping the hens company!

Here are the cards we picked:

A) “Workaholic” from the “Chakra Wisdom Oracle” by Tori Hartman is a card with the blue border: Blue is the color of the throat Chakra, the one that relates with our ways of communication and the way we present ourselves to the world – either denying or affirming our rights, either bitter or joyous, whether we speak in hateful or loving ways, and so forth.
This card says you might have been overworking yourself and that you need to learn to savour the pleasant intermissions in between work sprints, learn that there has to be a balance between active and inactive states, that if you spend all of yourself that way, there will be not much of you left!
Don’t postpone joyful and meaningful moments because ‘you have so much to do’ – there will always be plenty to do but those moments won’t come back!

B) “Potential Gateway” from the “Nature’s whispers” by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall tells you that the time is ripe for having a larger view and looking at the bigger picture: opportunities for growth and experiences might be unfolding, and doors might be opening. In between all the ways of the world there are paths that lead to joy and you have worked so hard that those are now opening to you. There is always a need for action to get on a new path but the card also shows that there isn’t just one road to choose – in fact there are many roads and many ways, different manners to live your life and, ultimately, they can be all just as fulfilling: it just depends on how you learn to see and appreciate them! We always have plenty of choices and possibilities and, in truth, it doesn’t matter all that much which one we choose, as much as it matters how do we approach and experience each one of them. For some, this might be also a time for an ‘exterior’ change but, in many ways, as long as you keep finding contentment in your situation and you keep evolving, a change in perception and an improved understanding of the world might be all that this ‘opportunity’ refers to: you always have a choice of how you look at things, and this is an extremely empowering tool. The choice might be now yours to take advantage of it or to keep seeing things the usual way. Beware of your ego, anyhow: it’s true that sometimes we do need a change of job, of house, of partner; but some other times these options might be escape routes guided by fantasy rather than centered in a truly open heart.

C) “I am sorry; please forgive me” from the “Talking to Heaven Mediumship cards” by Doreen Virtue and James van Praagh is (all of the cards of this deck are) a message from a deceased loved one – whoever you were thinking first when choosing or reading this card – who wants you to know that he or she is sorry for what happened in the past between you. He or she is asking for your forgiveness so that you both can move forward, past blocks caused by resentment, grief or anger. Let the burden of blaming go and realize that things happen for a reason of making us learn; each person always tries to do his or her best even if it might not appear to be the case in that moment. It is important that you forgive your deceased loved one like they have forgiven themselves so that you can move on.

D) “Wood” from “The Secret Language of the Animals” by Chip Richards symbolizes a need to go back to Nature and to spend time close to trees (such in a forest or a park) and soak in their energy, drawn through their roots from mother earth.
Wood is also such an important material: it can be burned and provide heat and energy, it can be used to make tools and furniture, houses and so forth. Even – maybe especially – now that it has been largely supplanted by plastic, wood brings us back to think of the sustainable and renewable abundance that only Nature can provide – if used responsibly and not exploited, such as planting new trees when old ones are cut and keeping a balance between what we take and what we give back.
Wood makes us think of the power of Love that makes everything grow on this planet, of taking roots, of being supported.

We hope this reading was useful and inspirational for you – let us know!

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Have a blessed day,
Jyothi & Daniele

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