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Oracle card reading for weekend May 13th-14th 2017

We picked some cards for you! As usual, the interpretations you can read below are our own (not verbatim from the deck’s booklets).

Note: The photo was shot in the middle of a bunch of weeds on our property. This month, grass is growing quite tall and all of the farms and houses in the neighborhood are quite hectically removing it all, cutting everything down to the earth’s level – often starting early in the morning with the buzzing mechanical sounds of lawn mower’s engines.
While we did cut some of the tallest grass, too, in some areas of our field, we have left most of it untouched. This is not out of laziness but a deliberate choice: the obsession of removing unwanted plants stems from the habit of wanting to control the crops and having mono-cultures. This is a human idea but, in nature, some types of plants always tend to grow next to each other and this functions as a way to keep the environment and the nutrients in the ground in balance; if you remove too much of what you ‘think’ you don’t need (because you don’t understand the complexity of the ecosystem), you actually impoverish the soil and then you need to resort to fertilizers – which might have not been needed in the first place, if you’d let mother earth do its thing. This is a bit like antibiotics which kill the ‘bad’ bacteria but also indiscriminately kill the good ones, debilitating humans in the long run.
Besides, a lot of ‘weeds’ are actually plants that are either edible and/or have medical qualities. Many of them provide pretty flowers, which help the bees, and which add a nice color touch to the otherwise just green and brown landscape.
As we wrote in a previous post quoting Winnie the Pooh’ author, ‘Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them’ (see

Here are the cards we picked:

A) “Mawu – Mother Earth” from the “Goddess Guidance Oracle cards” by Doreen Virtue (a card we also picked last year during our trip to Malta – see invites you to get involved into environmentalism and protecting Nature. This doesn’t have to be a major involvement; we can’t fix all at once – nobody can – but we can all take small individual steps. Change starts with each one of us, and small caring acts go a long way. There are so many things that can be done. For example you could get better at recycling, you could plant seeds and grow your own food (a truly revolutionary act), you could become vegetarian – or at least buy and consume only organic produce. You could install solar panel for electricity and hot water and that way reduce your carbon emission footprint. You could bring reusable fabric bags with you when you go shopping rather than getting new plastic bags every time. You could start using herbal and natural remedies and cut back on chemical medicines. You could learn to love weeds rather than cutting them all down (like we mentioned as comment to this card reading’s photo). These are just examples – the bottom line is that modern society tends to disconnect us and see us separate from nature. Human beings have been thinking we control nature but, in truth, we don’t. On the contrary, we depend on it and we all need to reconnect and honor mother earth that provides us the means of our life, rather than exploiting it.

B) “Whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you” from the “Loving words from Jesus” deck by Doreen Virtue and Greg Olsen. This particular deck does not include canned descriptions/interpretations since it just uses quotes from the gospels. This particular quote is from John’s gospel, chapter 16, verse 23. This is a passage from the last supper scene: Jesus has just made his disciples aware that something will happen and he will soon depart from them in his physical form. He is telling them they would have to do without him, going forward and yet divine guidance will stay with them. The advice for them was to keep following his example even after he would be gone from his material form and that doors will open for them by just staying honest and on the spiritual path. Jesus’ work was to show them a way and teach that we all have our own internal GPS system to understand what is right and wrong. ‘Ask the Father in my name’ is to say that when we ask like he would do – being completely open, loving and sincere – then there is no reason to fear, as we will be listened to. We should not depend on external approval of anyone on the material plane for each action we take and any decision we make. Once we connect to Source (or the Holy Spirit) we can follow our divine guidance that speaks within us and we can feel empowered to be our own authority.

C) “Crystals” from the “Angel Therapy Oracle cards” by Doreen Virtue is an invitation to explore the power of crystals. Crystals come from the earth and they can help you reconnect with the earth and its energies. Different crystals have different properties and help with different types of energy: some of them can shield and protect you (like black opal and obsidian), some can increase your third-eye clarity (like clear quartz), some can attract people and events (pink quartz can open you to love), some amplify and raise your vibrations (like purple amethyst). You can find out which crystals work best for you with the help of a crystal practitioner or on your own, following your intuition and feelings, for example by visiting a store that sells them and paying attention to your reaction and to which ones visually attract you the most. This card might also refer to very sensitive people – such as yourself, a close relative or a child you are parenting or teaching – that have ‘crystalline’ qualities of receiving and transmitting healing energy.

D) “White Eagle – Ancestor Spirit” from the “Keepers of the Light” by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses asks you to recognize and honor your heritage and your ancestors. You have or have recently had an opportunity to heal an old family wound or pattern – for example getting past some deep-rooted behavior or opinion that you learned during your upbringing and having been later able to deeply analyze it, crack it open and then mature your own, real, wider truth about this topic. You can be grateful because you had the opportunity to get a head start and to go through this learning. You have come a long way from where you started!
It’s now important to connect to your family in spirit and clear the climate so that you can replace the feelings of controversy with loving ones. White Eagle has come sounding his shaman drum to clear the atmosphere and your frame of mind, helping you move into a state of grace.

We hope this reading was useful and inspirational for you – let us know!

Have a blessed day,
Jyothi & Daniele

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