It's all here just a moment

It’s all here just a moment

Fortunes come and go; one lifetime is short and your dear ones grow up and age; today won’t come back if we don’t live it today.

Then why so many people get distracted into ‘working’ and ‘producing’ so much, often for someone else? How much money do you really need to live a happy and fulfilling life? How much of that fulfillment and joy does your work actually take away from you, instead, in exchange for money?

Money are needed and useful, in this society, but you don’t need to obsess over them till you get sick and you don’t need all that much if you set your priorities straight; they are a mean, they should be not a goal in itself. Western and capitalist societies have attached too much value to money; ‘growth’ is measured only in economic terms, glancing over the ‘hidden’ costs of stress, diseases, environmental damages and even wars (to name a few). Money is like a drug: driven by fear of not having enough, how many hours do you waste in meaningless tasks – while your kids grow up and many sweet moments go by, unnoticed or ignored; while your candle burns and your life becomes shorter?

You won’t get those moments back. You won’t get back the time you did not invest in building and strengthening the relationships that really count for you. You won’t be able to take those money – nor the shiny-but-unnecessary things you buy with them – in your afterlife (or in your next incarnation).

Rather than worrying about not having enough, recognize that the Universe has many ways to provide and affirm positively that you always have what you need. Learn to savor each moment. Rejoice for the little things. Spend your really valuable time with the people that count for you and doing simple things that are meaningful and heart-opening. Be in Nature. Feel the sun warming up your skin. Turn off the radio and television and hear the birds singing. Laugh. Love. Read and learn. Teach. Allow your soul to grow and shine. Leave a mark and be remembered for the greatness of your ideas, words and actions, not the size of your wallet.

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