Monthly Tarot reading for May 2017

Tarot card reading for May 2017

At the beginning of every month we pull three Oracle cards or Tarot cards, for a generalized prediction of the month. We hope you enjoy them!
Let us know if these readings resonate with you!

This month’s photo shows the cards laid inside of Jyothi’s shaman drum.

The Tarot deck we used in this setting is the ‘Vision Quest Tarot’ by Gayan Sylvie Winter and Jo Dose’. This deck is inspired by Native American symbolism and wisdom.

For the beginning of the month we pulled the ‘Five of Earth‘ (Pentacles). This card indicates that there is a need for healing, likely deriving from feelings of self-condemnation and/or limiting beliefs. In other words, things might look bad on the surface but it’s likely that you might see them worse than they are, having fallen in a down spiral of negative thoughts; in reality this might be a trick that your ego or mind are playing on you. Just wait. Do not make harsh decision at this time. Let the clouds dissipate. Things will clear up.
Anyhow, some kid of change will be eventually necessary to get un-stuck. The advice is to see past the discomfort of change and embrace the new. The Universe is constantly changing and we, as part of it, have to change too.

For the central part of the month we pulled a Major Arcana: ‘Vision Quest‘ (which corresponds to ‘The Hanged Man’ in more traditional Tarot decks; interestingly enough, we had also pulled the equivalent card – from a different deck – in our April’s reading []).
If you want to embark on the spiritual path and on the quest for who you really are, you must let go of the past and embrace your growth process completely. This means surrender to relaxing your need to control circumstances, events and people and let your inner voice and the Universe show you the way. This process of letting go and trusting the Universe might feel very scary but it will lead you to the truth of your being and what you came to do on this earth.

The card we drew for the last part of the month is another Major Arcana: ‘Life Force‘ (which corresponds to the ‘Strength’ card in more traditional/well known Tarot decks). This life force is the energy of the cosmos, it is the light of creation, it is the love that gives life to all things and beings. It represents the feminine nature of our psyche that allows the energy of the universe to flow through us and give us inspiration. In many ways this is the opposite of rationality and mental control that are so valued in modern society and enforced by social conditioning. It is therefore an invitation to see beyond your perceived limits, love yourself fully for who you are and find your inner strength which comes from the integration of masculine and feminine qualities within you, rediscover the power of divine love which can propel you forward and make you achieve anything you want. Unleashing our true strength and power can feel scary, especially when you have grown up learning to doubt yourself and your abilities. Integrating the intuitive forces within you with the mental approach you have been taught by society can feel like taming a roaring beast that lives within yourself – and yet it is precisely from embracing that creative and passionate part of ourselves that your true strength is evoked. Therefore, ride on the ecstatic dance of life because you have the power and the courage to harness its force to reach great heights!

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