Open your heart

Open your heart

We all have divine qualities, power and light within ourselves.
You can recognize it, cultivate it and let it grow; or you can deny it and contract, staying stuck in fear.
It’s not external circumstances that directly rob you of your shine; it’s whether you allow the thoughts – that rise within your mind in response to those circumstances – to cast shadows on your inner light: it is then that you can lose or forget about your connection with Source.

Easier said than done, you might say, when you are so used to focus on the negative or feel stuck in a spiraling-down loop. It first takes recognizing and acknowledging what has triggered this thought process. It is then a lot of work and effort which you need to be willing to invest to learn to ignore the external triggers, focus on the positive and remain positive in the middle of storms.

Removing (or shielding) yourself at least temporary from the circumstances that trigger those negative thoughts might help – in some cases this is something you can do – but is it always the right course of action? Is it really the situation (or place or job or relationship) at hand being intolerable or are you actually searching an escape route from a lesson you need to learn? How to tell what is what? Your conscience should make this call about what’s more important.
You would not want to altogether throw away something that would have had lasting value to replace it with just another distraction – or with an almost identical situation. Therefore, don’t jump to conclusion but really listen to your heart and soul (not to your mind and ego!).

Find quiet time, ground yourself with activities that can relax you, such as a walk in Nature, anything artistic, meditation or whatever else works for you – but this should be actually something relaxing, not something that throws you into yet another emotional roller coaster (such as modern entertainment, reading the news or a visit to a shopping mall)! It is only in quiet and boredom that inspiration from our soul is best received.
Once you are grounded and quiet, then, open your heart and listen to it.

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