Oracle cards for Easter 2017

Oracle cards reading for Easter 2017

For Easter, we picked some cards for you! As usual, the interpretations you can read below are our own (not verbatim from the deck’s booklets).

Note: We mentioned in a previous post that in this area of Italy there is a high concentration of old caves, tombs and pagan altars ranging from pre-history, thru the Etrurian and Roman period and the Middle Ages. The photo of this card reading was shot in one of these caves that we happen to have found on our property – in fact, it sits almost under our house! We don’t know the exact age of this place but we are doing work to solidify it and restructure it, and we plan to turn it into a temple. More info will follow in a future post – stay tuned!

Here are the cards we picked:

A) “Power” from the “Soul Coaching Oracle cards” by Denise Linn tells you that you are ready to stand in your power. It’s time you reclaim your authority and release your limiting beliefs and self-esteem issues that hold you back. You have power and divine strength within you, which are born from love, wisdom and grace and you don’t need external authorities or doubts to dictate or limit what you do – in fact when you accept your own gifts and talents you’ll be able to shine your light onto others as well.

B) “Passion” from the “The Romance Angels Oracle cards” by Doreen Virtue reminds you that passion begins with yourself: what are you passionate about? What sparks your creativity? As you engage in activities that connect you with what your soul longs for, you’ll start shining again and all areas of your life will be impacted: you’ll be able to find a new romantic passion as well, or re-ignite an existing one.
[Note: we picked this same card before and wrote about it in our February reading, which you might also want to read]

C) “Balance Career and Home Life” from the “Ascended Masters Oracle cards” by Doreen Virtue suggests you don’t burn out for either work or family demands, but learn to balance the two. This might involve delegating, letting go of perfectionism, but especially learning to say ‘No’ to unrealistic demands and find (at least some) for yourself and spend it in ways that are meaningful to you.
[Note: we picked this card before, when we were visiting Assisi. You might want to read that post as well.]

D) “Emotional Healing” from the “Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle cards” by Doreen Virtue highlights that you must be healing from some emotional pain from the past. If this transition period feels extra difficult, you might want to seek advise from a counselor or a therapist. As you gradually heal, you’ll be able to let go of the negative emotions (such as anger, resentment or guilt) associated with those episodes and you’ll start shining again with new loving light.

We hope this reading was useful and inspirational for you – let us know!

Have a blessed day,
Jyothi & Daniele

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