Waiting for the sun - Spring equinox

Waiting for the sun – Spring equinox

Happy new (astrological) year!

March 21st is the Spring Equinox: as you know, the Sun enters the sign of Aries and spring officially kicks off. In ancient times (in many cultures) this period was seen as the beginning of a new cycle, the beginning of a new year, the end of the cold winter period when everything in Nature starts to blossom and life renewing itself, beginning a new cycle. The Sun arrives to marry the Earth.
This is a period of balance, when (in the Northern Hemisphere) the days and the nights are approximately of equal length. The word “equinox” derives in fact from Latin, meaning “equal night”.

The equinox is all about renewal and rebirth. At the Sanctuary of Joy we are working on both renovating the old farm house as well as cleaning the field and taking care of the land and the trees that have been abandoned for many years. This is also the reason why you might have noticed our posting rhythm has slowed down.

In wiccan/pagan tradition this day and feast of fertility and rebirth is called Ostara – a word that Christianity later twisted into ‘Easter’ (albeit, this year, Christian Easter’s date has been set to be much later in April).

This year (2017) the exact date and time for the spring equinox would actually be March 20th at 11:28 AM CET (10:28 AM UTC). Which, interestingly enough, is the same day and roughly around the same time that yours truly (Daniele, writing this) was born, 41 years ago.

We have done some urgent renovation work during winter as well, in our new place – like fixing the roof to actually be able to live in the house – but we have been largely too busy just chopping wood to make fire and survive winter to make other major changes. We followed the rhythms of nature and we just slowed down.

Spring has now come to give us a push. Read this carefully: this is not the type of push that your boss might be asking you to do in order to make this or that deadline and bring more profits; this push is all about investing in and working for what you believe in, instead, and doing it mindfully, with a spirit of celebration and gratitude, honoring and truly experiencing what is really meaningful in life. This push is about loving yourself, your dear ones, the planet, and setting clear boundaries from the outside influences. Learning to say ‘No’ is very hard, in a society that taught us all from an early age to just obey orders and ‘be nice’ to everyone, including those who would routinely take advantage of you.
Working towards a better world does not mean being doormats; on the opposite, it starts with taking care of your needs first and being truly present in your every day’s life, savoring each moment as it unfolds. Once you start doing that, you will then be able to help others, too – even if it might just mean setting an example of swimming against the current and doing what feels right, rather than wasting your days worrying and chasing far away dreams dictated by the markets.

Starting this spring, love yourself! Get your batteries recharged and let your light shine, making the world a more beautiful place with your own unique contribution.

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