I am kind with myself

I am gentle with myself

The full moon of tomorrow (March 12th 2017) is in Virgo, opposing the Sun in Pisces. This is a time where you might battle internally (and externally) in between opposites: logic versus emotions, head versus heart, facts and cold data versus what your intuition is telling you.
These opposing forces can of course bring up irritation, inner tensions and unexpected drama. Issues you might have tried to avoid or shuffle under the carpet might escalate – because they need to be faced and addressed.

While Pisces is emotion-driven, anyhow, Virgo needs some structure and logic and will not take random emotional bullshit from anyone.
Regardless of your zodiac sign, we are all affected by the position of the planets and, due to the configuration of this particular full moon, emotions might fluctuate very quickly in between these opposites and create some chaos.

Nevertheless, there can be great learning and healing from these contrasts, if you don’t jump the gun and enter into ‘warrior’ mode (which might be very disruptive and potentially destructive!), but rather use this opportunity as an exercise to learn to walk fine lines and balance opposite forces. The key is to really focus, dig deep, be honest with yourself and go to the core of these issues. Stand up for your values and beliefs – but make sure you are not letting your ego, your fears and your insecurities talk – think twice before speaking out your unfiltered emotions but rather learn to express them with tact and grace, only after you made sure you really mean – and have analyzed – those things and issues properly.

Last but not least, make sure you don’t over-do and take it easy. Tiredness only adds up to stress and this explosive mix. Be kind to yourself.

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