It takes two

It takes two

You don’t need to be perfect; you just have to find a good match for you and keep giving it love.

I didn’t write ‘the perfect match’ because maintaining a relationship is not about perfection – it’s messy and difficult work at times to keep things in place. Even the people you love the most will trigger mirrors that will show you what you don’t like in yourself. In the mental hall of mirrors it’s not uncommon to see yourself deformed by your deepest fears and it’s easy to blame the mirror.
You need to be careful not to fall into the trap of blaming the other for your situation but instead recognize that your partner is only holding a mirror up for you! You need to face your fears and work through them. He or she can’t do that for you – they can only stand by your side (if they are strong and not stuck in similar fears…).

It’s true that, in some moments, you feel lost and all you can see if dark clouds and grey skies. From within the storm you might even forget that you can actually withstand this: your foundations are strong and built on rocks. You can do it.
Have compassion. You have to overcome your ego and take things as they are, and let go of your false wishes.
It’s hard work but one that makes you grow – and also grow stronger together.

Venus went retrograde last Saturday 4th – here is a great article by Henry Seltzer I recommend you to read.
This is one such time when old relationships patterns are up for re-evaluation. Be careful anyhow – it’s not the relationships themselves but rather the way you approach them that is under scrutiny. It’s not them who are not good for you, it’s you who have to do work to relate to them better. You might need to change, grow and take ownership of your destiny. This might scare you to death but what’s the price of the alternative, of giving up? Emptiness, loneliness, suffering for all sides involved.

When you see things dark and hopeless, get to work: create or do something practical and useful, get active and sweat, cleanse your body and shake off those energies. You’ll get clarity of mind again to see that you can overcome all difficulties, just like you always did.
Then stand up again and Love.

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