Monthly Tarot reading for March 2017

Tarot card reading for March 2017

At the beginning of every month we pull three Oracle cards or Tarot cards, for a generalized prediction of the month. We hope you enjoy them!
Let us know if these readings resonate with you!
We’d like to hear your stories!

This month we used ‘The Herbal Tarot’ by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin, which blends the symbolism of tarot with the qualities of medical herbs. This is some very interesting approach that we got drawn to given our interest in Tarot as well as the Naturopathy studies that Jyothi is undergoing.

The picture is shot on a shelf (that will be the place for dried herbs) in our new almost-functional kitchen (as we are currently rebuilding it; in case you have just started following us, we are living in – and restructuring – an old farm house in Italy).

For the beginning of the month we pulled the Ace of Cups. This tells us that March will arrive planting a seed, bringing a creative urge to express emotions, bringing inspiration for new beginnings. This is a period of great potential and revelations, like a fresh spring of water appearing in front of you in the desert. Often this card is connected with a birth or a romantic encounter. Anyhow, this energy is showing a potential – no specific direction is set and it could take us anywhere: the birth of a new project, a great idea, and so forth… intention, purpose and ability to execute will make a difference and determine where this all will lead to. The key is to follow your heart and have faith.The Herbal Tarot associates this card with the Lotus flower, peacefully emerging, clean and beautiful, rooted in the murky waters, reminding us that beautiful things are everywhere, even where we don’t expect them.

For the central part of the month we pulled a Major Arcana: The Hermit. This is an invite to reflect and find the answers and the wisdom within yourself. Maybe in relation to whatever ‘new’ the previous card has brought you. Hermits used to live detached from society and with little comfort (see our previous post about a real hermit who lived around here). But the Hermit’s detachment from the worldly things should not be seen as the rebellious behavior of a teenager; the Hermit has once tried to ‘live the dream’, he has been active part of the physical world and has played his political games, he learned much and he knows what it entails to be part of those structures and this is precisely the reason why he consciously chose to retreat from them and do without many shiny luxuries and comforts, and seek the essential, instead. In other words: he tried the most beaten path first and, after having seen what was there, he chose a different one; he’s now telling you it might also be the right time for you to evaluate deeply and choose clearly which side do you want to be, what kind of contribution you make to society – and for what motives – and how do you want to be remembered, given the choices that you make everyday. The Hermit’s invite to retreat from worldly drama is the deeply-political life-choice statement of a peaceful warrior. Meditating on this figure might just give you the strength to go after your soul’s destiny with your full energy and focus and give you inner clarity. The Herbal Tarot associates this card with Licorice, for its calming/relaxing qualities.

The card we drew for the last part of the month is the Two of Cups. How more appropriate can a card be for the arrival of Spring? This is the card that many Tarot guides describe shortly as ‘falling in love’. This could be a romantic love but it first and foremost will be the awakening of all of Nature and that peculiar spring feeling in the air that will just make you fall in love with life and its beauty, despite – and maybe, finally, because of – its ups and downs. It’s in the nature of things to come and go, but nothing is dead forever: every Spring, Nature renews itself. Plants get covered in flowers and life flourishes again. Love always goes on. Opposites attract each other, they blend and they generate new life. In the book ‘Personal development with the Tarot’ by Catherine Summers and Julian Vayne, the concept of love in this card is beautifully described as “unity formed by the mutual annihilation of opposites”. This refers to various things, like balancing the feminine and masculine energies we all have within ourselves, our hearts and our minds, to integrate the suppressed and unconscious sides of our personalities and emerge more whole. Unity as balance of opposites, in the context of our relationships, refers to balancing the diverse points of view and needs of each partner – a task that requires us to keep our egos in check, to temper our minds with our hearts, and to find that divine connection that unites us rather than pushing us aside.In more practical terms, after having meditated on the previous card, in the last part of March your passion(s) will be awakened and you’ll have a chance to flow through events and circumstances, shining your light and creating beauty as you go – because you will be finally doing things out of love, not out of greed or fear. You’ll have clarity about what’s right for the greatest good – not just for yourself – and you’ll be more aware of the situations in which you feel pushed by society to ignore your own morality and your conscience. All too often we get trapped in routines that are not our own, not being true to ourselves, stuck because of fear, guilt, and other negative emotions. Breaking from this loop is not an easy thing to do, but it is with a shared vision, intent and commitment that two can truly become one, after the patterns instilled by conditioning have been recognized and tamed. Hence ‘two’ is referred to both integrating the darkness and the light within us, logic and emotions and – as a result of ourselves becoming more whole and balanced human beings – understanding the other human being better, too.The Herbal Tarot associates this card with Uva Ursi, the sacred herb of Mount Shasta, which symbolizes the stream of Love which purifies us as we give through intentional acts of caring.

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