Some day you will be old enough to read fairy tales again

Some day you will be old enough to read fairy tales again

Italy is not ranking very high when it comes to English language knowledge and understanding; I want to help improve this.

Storytelling is what I do best. I have been reading books – in Italian, English and even Dutch – to all of my three kids almost every night since they were babies – this was one of the things I missed when I had to travel often for work. I enjoy giving different voices and tones to the characters in a story and making the story come alive in the listener’s imagination. I had some acting training in my teen years, but didn’t directly pursue that route later on.
In many ways, in the corporate world I was also telling stories – sometimes in the form of presenting solutions, as well as driving projects, often spawned from visions, through their implementation phases; they just weren’t the right stories nor the right visions, I later figured – but there was a strong element of story-telling in there, too. Anyhow, when compared to literature, scenario focused engineering just tells some very lame stories that don’t open hearts but feed on fears.

Given all this, wanting to tell stories from wonderfully inspiring books, stories that can make a real difference in someone’s lives and being eager to give back (or pay it forward) to the local community, starting February 11th, every Saturday morning, Daniele Muscetta will be reading books in English to children at the local library Biblioteca Comunale di Soriano nel Cimino.

PS – Incidentally, February 11th also happens to start with a Full Moon (at 00:33 UTC) and Eclipse, which is a perfect time to let go of the old and be guided into new endeavors and experiences. This one in particular, in the fierce and bold sign of Leo, is a powerful one that represents the ‘final push’ out of the energies of 2016 and fully onward into the energies of 2017. There is a good article on this full moon eclipse here

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