February 2017 Monthly Tarot reading

Tarot card reading for February 2017

At the beginning of every month we pull three Oracle cards or Tarot cards, for a generalized prediction of the month. We hope you enjoy them!
Let us know if these readings resonate with you!
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This month we used the ‘DruidCraft Tarot’, by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, beautifully illustrated by Will Worthington and published by Connections Book Publishing.I like this Tarot deck very much, since it still retains a lot of the symbolism of the more traditional ‘Rider Waite’ Tarot while incorporating many Wiccan, Druidic and other ideas and concepts around Nature that really resonate with me. And yet I have just realized that this is actually the first time we use it for one of our monthly readings!

The picture is shot at sunrise and the cards are leaning on the roots/base of one of our Olive trees.

For the beginning of the month we pulled the ‘Queen of Pentacles (Coins)’. This Queen is all about the magic of home and the earth: she invites you to trust yourself and life itself and to be in tune with the rhythms of Nature. She knows how to be compassionate but practical, pragmatic but kind, helpful and generous. Whether this is a person you will meet (or you already know) that can give you advise, or just an archetypal figure to refer to as inspiration, the key element to recognize is that her strength comes from being kind to others because she knows that everybody has a different struggle in life that we don’t know anything about. Therefore, her royalty comes from managing to get everything done by gently flowing through life and without pushing boundaries or forcing anything to happen before its time. Her lesson is to focus on taking care of your body, your finances, your land or property and, as you take care of yourself and your own priorities with grace, you will be able to manifest what you want and be able to truly help others, too.

For the central part of the month we pulled a Major Arcana: ‘The Lord’ (called ‘The Emperor’ in traditional Tarot) is a God-like figure, reminding us of the archetypal father. While highly intelligent and carrying the power of a king, the Lord uses his authority in society knowing how to be balanced and to combine his intelligence with his feelings and emotions. He knows he could be strong even on his own, but he also knows that he does need his Lady (‘The Empress’, another major Arcana connected to this one) for life to really blossom and flourish in his land – he knows he couldn’t do it alone. This is a reminder of embracing both our masculine and feminine qualities and keep our minds connected to our hearts. The Emperor is also so truly balanced into discerning what is right and needs to be done, so connected with higher, divine, intelligence to inspire him, that he’s not afraid to be unpopular and to disappoint someone with his decisions and actions.

The card we drew for the last part of the month is the ‘Prince of Wands’ (‘Knight of Wands’ in traditional Tarot). This Knight could – in modern times – be a messenger, a civil rights layer, a journalist, or any other person that knows how to use his words effectively: he knows how to stimulate others to action and to carry powerful messages without being affected by them. He is full of drive and passion and he is always ready to jump into and help with new causes he considers worthy.The challenge for this knight is to pay more attention to details, to carry through with his initial excitement and to temper his fire: like him, while you might feel always ready to jump into new adventures in this period, you might be quick to judge and to speak (which sometimes tends to unwillingly hurt others) and you might need to learn to develop the constancy and patience to finish what you’ve started and follow it through its completion.

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