Dream of a new world under January 28th's New Moon

Dream of a New World (under January 28th’s New Moon)

On January 28th (at 00:07 UTC – hence during the night starting on the 27th) we will have a New Moon, joining the Sun in the house of Aquarius. This year already started with the moon in the sign of Aquarius, and this will give the same energy that started this year another boost: it is a year of rebirth and transformation.

The mood is idealistic, and as we see the old rules and structures of power falling apart, we also see that those folks and institutions who still cling to the old paradigms are getting more and more scared, in denial, and doing everything they can – screaming and shouting – to keep things as they are.

From this increasing divide, we need to work hard for what we believe it, using the darkness we see in the world as a background for our renewed light to shine even brighter. We are shaping a new reality and we are seeing the dawning of a new society and a new phase – one that is rooted in love and compassion, that cares for Nature, that understands how we are all interconnected and dependent on the environment we live in. We need to set new rules for this new society – it is uncharted territory, moving away from separation and violence.

With this new moon, also the astrological Chinese new year starts: it’s the year of the rooster (some call it the phoenix, pointing to the theme of rebirth from destruction) and it’s going to be a year of hard work and no-nonsense, but also of great satisfaction and rewards if we walk it with the ability to be content and to celebrate every small step and success along the way.

2017 is also, numerologically, a ‘1’ year – a year that starts a cycle – and this new moon will really set it in motion.
As we get into February, real work will really start to take actions that support our dreams and to walk our talk. It’s going to be tough, at times, but also full of learning and exciting surprises.

January 28th is also the day dedicated to St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the most famous theologian of Christianity together with Saint Augustine (we spoke about him in a previous post). He was an interesting character: while one one hand he was practicing Alchemy (and several alchemical text from ‘unknown’ authors are attributed to him) and Astrology, he also described and detailed – in his ‘official’ writings the heavenly hierarchies of Angels. Some say that his real intent was to combine the spiritual wisdom with the intellectual – or ‘scientific’ – knowledge of his times (something we are still struggling to achieve) but, in doing so, he had to walk a very fine line: while on one hand he was attempting to bring into Christian theology a view of Love that was closer to what the Sufi’s were proposing around the same time, his other hand was tied as he had to pay the toll of operating from within the established church’s dogma and powers. For this reason, he was constrained in what he was really allowed to say and had pressures from all over the place to state a version of things that would please the Bishops and Pope and that would not shake the order of things. For this reason, his writings are highly controversial. They are beautifully inspired in describing the healing and transforming effects of rituals and prayer in some parts, but also – in some other parts – he went on to reinforce concepts of gender and the assumed ‘inferiority’ of women, and he elaborated on Saint Augustine’s ideas by trying to define very precise and more prescriptive conditions under which a war could be deemed ‘just’ (or not).
Such acrobatics didn’t really pay off the effort required, as he ended up having enemies on both sides: he was hated by both some of his peers because he was attempting to ‘open up’ the vision too much as well as, especially in more recent times, by the Church’s detractors who tend to see him as ‘just another drone’ of the established power.
He was trying to change the system from within, which is always a risky – and therefore not very effective – exercise.
Those who took a stronger stance and stepped off the safety net were burned as heretics or eliminated in some other way, in those days – not proclaimed saints. His ego and fears blocked him from taking more radical steps but, nevertheless, while he was made famous, he was also killed by poisoning.

Are you ready to kiss your fears goodbye and to dream of the new world you would like to manifest?

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