Nothing is better than agriculture

Nothing is better than agriculture

How beautiful Nature is! Its beauty and sounds can energize you, relieve from stress, ground you, make you feel good and feel connected to all of creation and to the divine!

Consider planting a vegetable garden (even a small one), where you can be sure the plants you cultivate are really organic and biologically grown (meaning: without chemical treatments and pesticides). Too many GMO by-products already sneak in the food we consume, even in countries that officially ban GMO seeds: for example, did you realize that everything that contains fructose, dextrose or glucose is potentially a GMO-corn-derivate that you don’t get to hear about and is not labelled as such? Beware of what you buy, and try to avoid anything that contains those ingredients – real sugar is, in the end, better; honey is even better.

If you can’t do ‘full-scale agriculture’, do at least some gardening. It really is amazing to observe the miracle of life renewing itself: there is magic in planting a seed and waiting for it to grow. There is great learning to be gained in observing the cycles of nature and it doesn’t take the majestic and spectacular gardens of Babylon to experience this; a small patch of ground – or even just a pot on your window seal – can give you great rewards!

Not to mention how important and healing it is to touch the ground and get your hands dirty: it will re-connect you with your inner child and bring back memories of when you were making sand castles.

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