Cave canem

January 12th 2017 Full Moon: think twice before barking

The full moon in January, the first one of the year, is a potent one.
Even more so this year, given everything else that is going on in the Astro at the same time.

For starter, a full moon is an opposition of the Moon and the Sun, hence opposition of feminine and masculine energies. Moreover, this time around, the Moon is in Cancer (sensitive, caring, homey) while the Sun is in Capricorn (pragmatic and business oriented), highlighting more of our societal divide between creation and destruction, harmony and control, which is particularly interesting when you think of the divide between those people who are actively calling for a return to nature and a more gentle and happy (Hippy?) way of living, as opposed to the industrial approach of exploitation of the environment and of natural resources that has been ruling our society since patriarchy was established in the bronze age, which that took an even more extreme acceleration since the industrial revolution: nobody can ignore its effects nowadays.
To spice things up, the Sun is conjunct with Pluto since a couple of days ago and it will remain in that configuration until January 17th. Pluto evokes the dark side of our psyche, our fears, our bad tempers and it puts the spotlight on those destructive forces, but it also brings in a great potential for learning to see the world with new eyes, shedding old paradigms and giving birth to something new.
Mars and Venus are, instead, both in Pisces, in a trine with the Moon, making sure she’s got some good drive and charm on her side.
At the same time Jupiter (typically showing ‘upbeat’ approach and whose transit in Libra brings a fairness of judgement) and Uranus (transiting through Aries, representing unpredictability and restlessness) are also squaring both Moon and Sun, making way for more tensions and even more swinging back and forth those opposing energies.
There are other actors in the sky that will add to this (already complex) mix, such as Chiron transiting through Pisces which brings up our deep-rooted childhood wounds and scars, therefore making this period challenging as you might swing between your hope for abundance and your fear that whatever you have achieved so far might not last long.

It’s difficult to predict what is going to happen, but one thing is certain: there will be people pushing all sort of buttons, mirroring your inner struggles, your fears and attempting to trigger potentially catastrophic reactions.

The best way to handle this powerful passage is to stay strong in your values, but at the same time open to re-evaluate your knowledge and gain new insights; don’t just trust your intellect but always consult your heart to feel what you are really aching and longing for; pray; surrender; seek grounding through meditation, artistic expression, and by spending time in nature; don’t talk or write without first thinking through what you are going to say (you don’t want to regret it afterwards); be still, keep your cool, take care of yourself and let this storm pass.

If you pass this test, you’ll get out of it having let go of several limiting beliefs and being able to see the bigger picture with an expanded consciousness. Doors will open for you if you believe in yourself and you don’t let these energies pull you down into destructive (or self-destructive) behaviors.

Can you find the power within yourself to make it through this rough time?
I think you can. This, too, shall pass, and it will bring a very important and profound transformation, if you use it wisely.

PS – The photo shows an ancient Roman mosaic that is still visible in the ruins of Pompeii, by the entrance of a house: it reads ‘Cave Canem’, which literally means ‘beware of the dog’… a lot of people, even today, still hang similar warnings on their property’s gates.

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