Those who don't believe in magic will never find it

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it

The more you continue on your path of awakening and evolving beyond the ‘standard’ societal norms and illusion, the more you tend to notice – and, unfortunately – to be disturbed by those other people who are still clinging to old paradigms of material comfort and shallow needs, as if their lives really depended on those.

Never before, throughout our history, human beings have had a chance to see what the global impact of our actions was, and we have never faced such a potent need for personal and collective choices that can bring us back into harmony with Nature and with each other, rather than destroying the planet and ourselves. And yet many continue to ignore the signs and their restlessness, greed and fears are cast outwardly, louder and louder.

The stakes are high: where do you stand? On which side?

Do you still think you need this or that commercial product to be happy?
Do you still cling to the heavy weight of your desires?
Do you still expect ‘others’ or some sort of external entity to fix the problems you see in the world and what you don’t agree with, without you doing anything about it?
Do you still believe that governments and corporations really have your best interest at heart?

Or did you start to realize how it is just you who make your own reality and how each one of us can be an agent of change, starting from the bottom up? We can collectively bring a better world into being through means of our intentions, thoughts, choices and actions.

More than ever, the world needs people who can dream big and beautiful dreams and who can stand behind those dreams with steady intentions and practical actions to make them real. The world needs people who have courage: believing in magic is a courageous act. Finding the extraordinary in every-day things is certainly not always easy (especially when media and news always tend to focus on the negatives and do their best to pull you down) but this is an effort that is really worth making. Working towards being the change we want to see is really the best present each one of us can give to ourselves, to the people around us and to the world at large. Changing the world really starts with changing the way we think and what we do, being an example to others but not trying to force anyone else to do anything differently. When they are ready to see, they will. Until then, you can only show them the way but don’t expect nor try to force anyone to follow you if they don’t want to.

Mercury will end its retrograde period and it will turn direct on January 8th: this upcoming period will provide more strength and power to our communication; we’ll be able to state much more clearly what it is that we want and, with the help of Venus (which has entered Pisces on January 3rd) we’ll be supported into not compromising but into keeping our visions and ideals clear and strong in front of us, into understanding what really feeds our soul and into ripping apart the veil of illusion and imposed nonsense by calling out bullshit when we see it (but be careful to not fall into blaming – just notice it, and choose for yourself to go in a different direction).

It’s true that fears lurks in all corners and that it would be possible to go back to the old ways and to those old and dense low vibrations, but once you have seen that there is much more in life than what meets the eye, would you really want to do that? You wouldn’t be very happy – and now you know it.

So, don’t go back to sleep but keep finding the magic that can uplift you – and the world.

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