Light my fire

Light my fire

Do we want a better world? Then we must understand that we make our own reality and that change begins with each on of us.

The situation the world is is is the result of our collective choices, thoughts and actions and we need to understand it is not going to be fixed just by others – governments, corporations, etc – as those entities are made by people and we effectively are those entities. Each and every one of us is responsible for the state of things just like everyone else.

It is up to us to change things.
We need to take charge of our own destinies – and the collective one – and manifest peace with our actions, with our thoughts and with our choices.

Doing this requires courage, determination to stick to our values and not compromising them. Oftentimes it requires renunciation and acceptance. It requires not giving in to choices we don’t agree with but which seem easy nor to what everybody else is doing – out of laziness, guilt, fear of being judged or other reasons. It requires turning within and using our inner energy, our dedication and finding strength in the divine fire that burns within our souls – because we are all divine, when we only get rid of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs – and use it to live to our full potential.
Whether we acknowledge it or not, we all have an inner fire within us – a powerful energy that can do amazing things. But like ‘real’ fire, our inner energy can be used for warming up, for giving light to us and to others, to cook delicious meals, to make the world a peaceful and wonderful place – or it can be used to destroy and inflict pain – the choice is always ours as to what to do with it.

In the meantime, there is fire in the sky that can be seen from earth, this couple of nights, it can give us hope and illuminate our path and set intentions while the moon is growing: the quadrantid meteor shower should be visible in the area of the sky around the north star especially on January 3rd and 4th (like already mentioned in our Monthly reading). Just like the comet that guided devotees to baby Jesus, let’s use these falling stars and their fire guide us into the light of the world we want to see.

PS – Today’s post title is inspired by the famous band ‘The Doors’, whose debut album was released exactly 50 years ago, on January 4th 1967. “Light my fire” was an instant hit from that record. The song was written by Robby Krieger (the band’s guitarist).

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