Darkness and light always go together

Darkness and light always go together (last new moon of 2016)

On December 29th (at 6:53 UTC) we will have the last new moon of this year 2016.
This has been, for many, a difficult year; a year of closures and of ending chapters.

As the quote of today points out, darkness and light always go together: it is often from our most difficult periods and experiences, from painful events and from hardships that we learn to make it through – no matter what – and we find back our direction and our strength. Don’t let circumstances pull you down but do your best to see the lessons and the hidden mysteries and miracles that every event has brought you.

The moon also enters Capricorn, on December 29th, and Uranus turns direct – after its retrograde period (we talked about this in our Monthly Tarot reading for December). A powerful configuration that should propel us into slow but steady acceleration towards achieving what we want from life. Don’t jump the gun but don’t stand still either – this is time for perseverance and for initiating down-to-earth actions.

As every new moon, this is a symbolic time to let go of fear and to enter the new year with a new impulse to grow and learn. 2017 is going to be for many people a new phase in their intellectual life: one in which they’ll learn to detach from worldly worries, re-discover that the Universe is supportive, and that worrying and trying to control and micro-manage every detail and situation are largely wasted time. Logic and reason alone are limited, and it is only in faith and trust that we can find lasting relief for our woes; it is in surrender to the greater divine plans that we can be reborn into joy and peace.

“To learn who you truly are you have to surrender who you thought you were” – Reverend Saxon Knight

PS – This is our last post for 2016; see you back in January!

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