New Moon November 29 2016

New Moon November 29th 2016

With this New Moon (which starts Tuesday 29th at 12-ish UTC), it’s not time to doubt: it’s time to face your fears head on, walk your talk and stay strong through the apparent separation or what might feel very uneasy.

Focus and find strength in what is dear to your heart – that which is true and pure. Hold your thoughts uplifted. This is a required effort to break through on the other side, into the light. Neptune squares this moon and might evoke ghosts of what we are letting go of, darkening the passage. Nevertheless, if we keep strong and steady through the eventual storm and don’t rock the boat too much, this is also an incredibly powerful moment to affirm and assert our intentions, celebrate the road so far, and plan for December – all sustained by the Sagittarius optimism.

There are many ‘full moon’ posts by astrologers out there – I’d like to point you at two of the best ones I read so far:


Anandashree astrology:

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