Oracle cards

Oracle cards for the weekend November 26th-27th, 2016

We picked some cards for you! As usual, the interpretations you can read below are our own (not verbatim from the deck’s booklets).

Note: If you have been following us, you might know we have recently bought a home in the countryside in Italy [if not, read more on ]. While exploring the land around the house on our property, we found a very big rock that is almost entirely covered in a thick layer of moss (and a few other plants). The moss cover makes the stone look ‘soft’ and hairy: for this reason, our daughter dubbed it ‘the cuddly rock’. Today’s Oracle cards have been pulled and photographed in this place.

Here are the cards:

A) “Open your Heart” (from the Nature Whispers Oracle cards by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall) is a reminder that Love is the force that makes the world go round. Don’t close behind shields of guilt or embarassment, but love openly and deeply, and see that is only unconditional love that can change your perception of the world. Open up and let Love give you strength and joy.

B) “Cuckoo Pint” (from the Druid Plant Oracle by Philip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Will Worthington) is a plant that grows in shady spots, and whose stem carries both female and male flowers. It symbolizes unity and harmony of a sacred union – it is the chalice and the blade, female and male integrated. This is both a blessing of equaliy within a relationship as well as a reminder that true wisdom and spiritual growth is gained by the integration of the inner masculine and feminine qualities within ourselves.

C) “Happy Surprise – Something very good is about to happen” (from the Magical Unicorns Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue) is such a lucky card! The invitation is to not stress by being on the look for things to happen, but to freely flow, resting assured good things will in fact happen – maybe not how nor when you expect them, but they will.

D) “Healing – Reconnecting with your true nature” (from the Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno) calls for a simplification of your life: let go of what is superfluos and superficial, and listen to your soul instead. What is that gives you joy and brings you peace and calm? You will find what it is by going within and following your heart.

We hope this reading was useful and inspirational for you – let us know!

Have a blessed day,
Jyothi & Daniele

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