My home is protected by Angels

My home is protected by Angels

We came on holiday to Italy in October, but we really were on a ‘secret mission’: we were searching for a country home to buy.
Eventually we did find the place we wanted, and we are currently busy restructuring it – you can read more here

Sanctuary of Joy’s new home in Italy

But how did we get to find it?
While still in the Netherlands, we had been searching the Internet for the type of house we were looking for, and we had pulled three Tarot cards for each house we had identified and included in our original ‘maybe’ list (which was about 30 real estate listings). Based on our Tarot readings, only a few made our short list: those which had a card reading that we felt really good about. A lot of the other ones were discarded at this stage, trusting what the cards suggested.

Once in Italy, we saw/visited a handful of these houses, with the help of various real estate agents. Most of these places had issues that were too big to fix, or they were too expensive for our budget. In the end, the one that really stroke a chord with us was the one we ended up buying. This one also needs to have a lot of work done, but we feel confident about it, and we think we got a very good deal considering that a few of the other ones were in much worse conditions (and more expensive!).
Now, there were a few reasons for the choice, and the price was of course one of them, together with the cards that we had pulled for it. But we also considered many other criteria, including position and orientation, previous owners, state of the building, size of the land and what plants were already on it: this property has many hazelnut trees (plants which keep away evil spirits), some olive trees, cherry trees, fig trees and more. There are huge rosemary bushes and also some good amount of sage (which is also a plant that protects from evil energies and can be used to clean the air – ‘smudging’). Fennel also grows everywhere in this field, almost like a weed, and so does chicory. And there’s a lot more that we still need to discover.

Last but not least, when we were visiting the property, we felt a very positive energy, and one of our kids saw an Angel behind a tree. How many more signs do you think we needed to see that the universe was supporting us in our plans?

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