The efficacy of one's life is fulfilled only when one is able to give joy to another

The efficacy of one’s life is fulfilled only when one is able to give joy to another

If you embrace a spirit of self-surrender and you pray humbly, you will practice detachment from your ego’s desires and temptations, and this will bring you true growth: you will find you are part of a whole, you will feel and understand that you are part of a bigger plan, that you are connected with the very source of life and that things don’t just happen by chance.

When you doubt, when you recognize you are falling into the old patterns, pray the Divine Mother for strength and for clarity. Ask for energy to be able to see what is true and good, and to keep your faith and your focus.
Understand that the difficulties you encounter are not punishments but learning opportunities. Tackle them – you can! – and keep going.

Today the Sun enters Sagittarius. After Scorpio has made us dig deep this last month, Sagittarius will let us embrace the need for transformation that is necessary to make progress out of the dark and into the light.
The Moon is on its 3rd quarter today, too – in Leo – and will help us get some courage to get going.

This is going to be a powerful week of practicing what we preach, carry on with our plans, make our dreams real and doing the inner work for turning lead into gold or – in other words – to find the beauty and the blessing in everything.

Shift your focus from ‘wanting more’ (ego patterns that charge you up full with anxiety and worries of never having or being enough) to ‘giving more’. Because that is where true freedom lies.

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