Oracle cards

Oracle cards for the weekend November 19th-20th 2016

We picked some cards for you! As usual, the interpretations you can read below are our own (not verbatim from the deck’s booklets).

Note: Today’s photo was shot in front of our new country home in Italy, in a pause while doing restructuring works; read more on the following page

Sanctuary of Joy’s new home in Italy

And now, here are the cards:

A) ‘Sulis – Body of waters’ from the Goddess Guidance Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue reminds us of the cleansing and healing power of water. The element water represents emotions, and the card reminds us that getting close to water – even just walking by a sea shore or by a lake – can have a positively refreshing and recharging effect whenever you feel tired or confused. And don’t under-estimate what amount of good *just* water can do to you: even a hot shower can be so relaxing to fix migraines, wash away stress, give relief for sore muscles and flu symptoms, especially in the colder seasons.

B) ‘White Eagle – Ancestor spirit’ from the Keepers of the Light Oracle cards by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses reminds us to connect to and ask for help and support from our ancestors. Who are the people in your ancestry line that inspire you and give you courage? We all know bits and pieces of the stories of our fathers and forefathers, and you can always call to them to get clarity of vision about the path to take. They’ll give you strength when you think of the times and situations they have gone thru and how they dealt with obstacles in their lives. White Eagle also brings the sound of his shaman drum to you, to heal family issues: this is the time to work on improving the important relationships in your life.

C) ‘Pallas Athena – Detach from Drama’ from the Ascended Masters Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue tells you that it really is time to stop trying to make everyone happy: you can’t possibly please them all! Don’t try to control others but let them make their own choices. Please, do not jump into the rescuer role at every trigger, dear one! Stop other people’s drama and external circumstances from pulling you down. Just observe events in your life as if you were watching a movie – in which you are not directly involved – and you just know deep inside that it will have a happy ending. Do not judge those events and people, but keep watching the movie while staying balanced.

D) ‘Flower Power’ from the Magical messages from the fairies Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue calls us to reflect on the power of flowers: flowers are symbols of beauty, color and smell, they are needed by bees, many types of flowers can be used as herbal ‘teas’ and infusions, and many also have medicinal properties. Other meanings are also often attributed to flowers, as in a secret language or code [See]. How can flowers help you today?

We hope this reading was useful and inspirational for you – let us know!
Have a blessed day,
Jyothi & Daniele

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