The whole universe is contained within you

The whole universe is contained within you

Maintain a child-like spirit.
Keep rejoicing of the little beautiful things of every day life.
Find the wonder in everything.

Be quick to forgive, but firmly refuse to fall victim of the worldly drama over and over again!
It’s precisely in hard times that you will learn and shine the most. Pray to keep your thoughts positive, do your work to uplift your spirit, and worry not.

Besides the appearances, energy is at work on many levels.
The whole Universe is contained within you and you have the strength to dream a better world into being.

[…] And the Lord who had become a human child out of sport, without
any loss of His divine powers, now opened His rosebud mouth. She bent forward to peer more closely and lo! she felt herself to be whirling in space, lost in time, for inside the baby mouth was seen the whole universe of moving and unmoving creation, the earth and its mountains and oceans, the moon and the stars, and all the planets and regions. She was wonderstruck to see the land of Vraja and the village of Gokula, herself standing there with the child Krishna beside her with a wide-open mouth, and within that mouth another universe, and so on and on and on. […]

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