Let your heart be your guide

Let your heart be your guide

Pay close attention to your feelings and emotions: they are your God-given internal compass to know what’s good for you. How do you feel in the presence of other people? Whom do you like to be with, and who doesn’t feel right?
If you pay attention to your feelings and your bodily reactions in the presence of different people (and also to who/what you see on the media), you’ll know who and what sound true and dear to your heart and what triggers your lower emotions, instead. You’ll know who your real friends are.

Sensitivity is a gift that allows you to filter thru fakeness and manipulation.
Once you start listening to your feelings, and trusting them, you’ll make choices that better protect your energies. You will start standing up for yourself, what truly matters for you, setting appropriate boundaries, and take more empowered and loving actions.

We suffer much in life because we learn to be materialistic, egoistic, and to just use our minds to make choices, based on super-imposed parameters and laws, not on what feels right deep within. We rule out options and compromise on many things because of what we have learned, even if we know it feels wrong.
The challenge is to go deep within and hear again the voice of the good soul you were when you came to this world – because all kids know this naturally – before conditioning taught you to disconnect your hearts from your minds, and dimmed your soul’s light, made it forget its essence.

The way to re-activate your internal GPS is to learn to quiet the mind, and feel, instead.
Those feelings are not ‘naive’ nor ‘childish’; feelings are part of living the full human experience.

Do not deny your feelings and emotions. Let your heart be your guide.

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