You are a wonderful person

You are a wonderful person

God and the Angels love you the way you are. In fact it cannot be any other way, because God and the angels love us all, unconditionally.

Don’t worry for what other people say about you – they have not lived your life and they are not wearing your shoes. A lot of people are quick to judge you, especially if you are doing or saying something unconventional. The more you take courageous steps, the more you feel to them like a mirror of all that they have never tried doing in life, and their regrets give their fears a voice: do not listen to their ‘shoulds’, but Love yourself just the way you are and keep going with your heart’s plans and vision – you know what your divine guidance is driving you to do, and it doesn’t have to conform to what others expect, in order to turn out awesome.

We are all beginning an intense week, starting with today’s first quarter moon in Aquarius, going thru the puppet show of the American Presidential elections on the 8th, and thru Friday 11-11 (which is an angelic number) which will be preparing and propelling us all towards the Full Moon of next Monday, November 14th – the closest the Moon has been to Earth in 70 years and won’t be that close again until sometime in 2034. With such a line-up of events, expect powerful manifestations in the upcoming period (this whole week and the beginning of the next one)!

Also make sure you set your boundaries and you avoid people and places who bring your vibrations down: it’s important that you keep your thoughts positive, uplifted, and that you do not waver in your faith during this powerful time – and it all starts with Loving yourself and feeling worthy of receiving Love, abundance and grace.

Love yourself first, and the Universe will show you its Love, because you are a wonderful person.

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