Let Love find you

Let Love find you

I once were on a business trip, many years ago, travelling with a colleague (and good friend of mine). We were supposed to fly back from Milan at a certain hour of the afternoon, so we reached the airport in time, and we were hoping to finally enjoy a nice weekend after a week of work away from home. But our hopes met some resistance from the Universe – or so it felt at the moment – when we found out that our flight would be delayed.
OK, just delayed – not the end of the world – we would still be able to reach our respective homes that night.
Fine, we went to a cafe inside the airport, to kill some time.
We had just sat at the cafe when I got called on my mobile phone by our boss, who wanted to know how things had gone (I was the one who was accountable for the results of that work): ‘killing time’ became a project status report, at least for me. I hate talking in public places, so I walked out of the cafe to have the phone call in a (somewhat) quieter spot of the airport.

In the meantime, my friend – who’s normally not the type of guy who would just go and chat up with every first girl out there – felt compelled to start talking to a girl at the next table. And they got revealed. A soulmate connection was awakened between them.
I didn’t actually see the scene – I was on the phone with my boss the whole time, and when I came back she was already gone but he had that ‘fallen in love’ look and he told me what had just happened. He told me that when their gazes met by chance, they recognized each other across lifetimes.

Because that’s how it happens.
All the times.
In the strangest places.
At the strangest times.

Don’t look for love obsessively, because you won’t find it.
Let Love come to you naturally in divine timing.

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